Wednesday, 12 September 2018

New followers

I can easily make friends, I'm a friendly sort who will talk to anybody. These are my new followers, now I need to get them to read the blog. 
Catch up later.  ilona


  1. Miss Daisy Moo Cow.12 September 2018 at 19:03

    Well Miss Ilona,it was lovely to meet you today,even though I was in a bit of a moooooed cause my hubby Aberdeen Angus has buggered off with a sheep from across the field and left me with all these kids.So to see a friendly face was very mooooving for me and cheered me up no end.Yes,I can read and write and I have spent the last hour mooooching through your blog.Anyway,Im sure reading your frugal ways will help me and the kids mooooove on with our lives.Angus was a moooody old sod anyway,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Miss Daisy Moo Cow12 September 2018 at 20:23

      By the way,Im the one with the white face.Anyway,Ive gotten over the fact that Angus has left me for that sheep.Shes mooooton dress as lamb and they can take a run and jump over the fields as far as Im concerned.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love cows!!! Great photo!!!!!!!!

  3. I will be delighted to follow your journey in Scotland, I was to go in August but cancelled the trip because I needed to be home to care for sick kitties. I look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about the trip.


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