Monday, 11 February 2019

It's the little things......

..........that make me happy. My friend has a long handled brush and pan, she was using it last time I was there. That's handy, I thought, no bending to clear up a few crumbs in the kitchen, I must get one of those. I looked in Poundstretcher last week, they were £2.99. Too much I thought, I'll look elsewhere, must be able to get one cheaper than that. 
What did we find in the garage when we were clearing it yesterday, a long handled brush and pan. I was chuffed to little mintballs. Just goes to show, if you wait for something, it will turn up. 
While checking a laptop case today I found a pair of headphones, brand new, not been used. Oooh, I wonder if they will work in my little netbook. The volume is terrible, I have tried all kinds of headphones, nothing has worked.

I plugged them in and went onto yoootoooob, MAGIC, they work, now the sound goes straight into my ears.

Two small items that I needed, lucky me. Tomorrow I will go to town and take some things to two charity shops. The garden tools will be put out on the front with a notice, 'free to take'. My friend had a chair tonight, it matches one she already has, and she wanted a small hammer. There is a step ladder which is taller than the one I have, I'll keep that as it will make hedge cutting easier. I gave a bundle of artist brushes to a friend, she is taking up painting. I have a small easel for her and some paper which I will drop off tomorrow. I have plans for the rest of the rescued stuff.   ilona


  1. Well done...both for items you needed/wanted, and for those passed on. It is so nice to see this type of "rescue". Too often I have run in to folks who just wouldn't...Nice work. Am sure the other folks who benefit will bless you with kind thoughts. (hey good karma is always GOOD, grin).

  2. My mam has one of those long handled dustpans.She first noticed them when she used to go to Spain,because all the apartments there seemed to have them in for the cleaners to use.Its great that you are managing to move stuff on.I bet your friends are well chuffed!xx

  3. I would like one of those dustpans it takes me ages to get up from my knees. So pleased you are giving lots of things for other people. It's very misty there this morning so hopefully it will be a nice day again.
    Hazel c uk

  4. I could do with a brush and pan like that... Hip op is looming and I won't be able to bend... I think a visit to poundstretchers is due

  5. hi ilona mayze heidi and oscar - glad you found the long handled dustpan and brush. thank you for giving me some inspiration. today we bought a lightweight hoover as i have many disabilities and it is just the job for picking up bits and pieces which land on the carpet. now i will be on the lookout for a long handled dustpan and brush for the kitchen. thank you for your brilliant ideas on how to reduce all the hard work we all have to do on a daily basis. benny with his girlfriend miss hiss - she got that name as whenever you give her something food etc. she hisses at you. amy worn out and flat out on her fleece and crochet bed. our friend called in today for coffee cliff he helps us by taking down our refuse he is so kind. have a lovely day ilona and thank you. love liz amy and benny.xxxxx

  6. I have had a long-handled brush and dustpan like that for 20 years. It is just wonderful to use. Glad you found one. Free is our favorite price!

  7. I found one of those a year or 2 ago, in the street with the rubbish. No idea who put it out but very grateful - it's excellent for clearing up scattered cat-litter. I awlays like to hear of things being passed along rather than chucked out in the bins.

  8. May be off I as I always recommend Aldi for 50% off,sell buy dates for 8 am shopping,I went there today.Even the check out girl mentioning my savings...then charging me full price for seeded buns with half price stickers.I rang them up,but its customer services.They said go back
    ....err they said when i go back,in nearly 2 weeks time,tell them.If this happens you keep your prove of purchase,get a reference number and name of who you spoke to,then get your money difference back.I get fed up of having to check everything!!xx

  9. It's always fun to find things you need in your house. I had to go out into the garage the other day to find a saber saw for my husband. He didn't know where it was amongst all the stuff we have in the garage! I found it. Then he had to go to hardware store to get blades as one he had was rusted. I will clean out the garage this year for sure! Always some excuse not to do it! A bit at a time will work! I feel like putting stuff outside for people to take away or give a bit of $ for it. Will see what happens!


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