Sunday, 10 February 2019

Trying to save the planet

I've had a very busy weekend. Auntie has sold her house and it had to be emptied, a skip was ordered and I have been there to rescue anything which can be passed on. I now have two car loads of stuff in my house which needs sorting out and taking to charity shops, and given to people who want it. There's all kinds of stuff, too much to list here. I will find a good home for everything.

On the way back today I timed it right that I got to Tesco at 3.15pm, so I was able to get some yellow stickers. Whoooopeeee, lots of sprouts.

Salad leaves.

Posh roasted potato salad.

A large loaf, I will divide it up and put it in the freezer.



  1. How nice of you to help your Aunt. That's a difficult job I'm sure. Great bargains!

  2. always hard and sad to clear out a loved ones belongings. I had to do that at my mom's apt then when she died at a nursing home. Still have a few things that I need to put in a bin for people who need clothes this time of year! Nice finds at the grocery store.

  3. Good for you..too many people would just skip everything

  4. Its lovely of you to go and help your Aunt.I know what you mean by people having too much stuff and I have been guilty of it over the years.My sister and Mam are still as bad now!.Its good though that your Aunt had a while to think about what she wanted to keep and what she would let go.And its also great that you were there to keep it out of landfill!!.Me and my sister visited a place called Rits that has opened down the road from us.They rent spaces and units for people to sell their vintage or upcycled stuff.A bit on the lines of Snoopers Paradise in Brighton,but this one is on Abbey Lane,Leicester if any Leicester people are reading this!.Its worth a look round and if I was starting out again this is where I would buy my stuff or at least get ideas from!.These days though young people seem to want every thing brand new and not built to last!When my daughter had a house in London we furnished it for free.Infact Ive still got a Parker Knoll chair that some one there was throwing out.I hope that you will be able to move it on to good homes,may be keep a few bits your self and also make some money for your Charities.And what a bonus to get some yellow stickers too!xx

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean! When my mum died, I made sure everything was taken by family, given away or donated. My brother's were tossing things into the skip and I was pulling them out...the old carpets went, and rubbish, but everything else I was successful in rehoming! But it took ages. Then I painted the whole house inside, a bright, clean white...

  6. hi ilona mayze heidi and oscar loved your recent video its lovely how you helped your aunty. i did the same with my late dads belongings he had alzheimers and i cared for him for many years. he was a very gentle kind soul who like us adored animals. thank you also for the bargain tips you are so kind and help so many people including us. thank you ilona. love liz amy and old benny ps benny loves the milder weather and ventures out now he is rescued and must be about 14 but is an angel.xxxxxx

  7. We certainly live in a throw away society - such a shame that many people just can't see how things can be re-used, recycled or passed on.

  8. well done! i follow and read your posts from italy. i agree with your lifestyle. the only thing i'm disappointed with is all that plastic stuffs are wrapped in . greetings from south italy


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