Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Serious message.

Stitching away here, while watching yoootoooob videos. This one has made me very sad, and very mad. An Australian film, but the message is the same worldwide. In fact the problem of what to do with plastic is far more important than bloody Brexit. It is the environment we should be concerned about.

If you have a spare 18 minutes, take a look. The tiny bit of recycling we do is a mere pinprick compared to the magnitude of the world wide problem. Countries should not be shipping their waste to anywhere else in the world, everyone should be forced to deal with it on their own land.

Lunch time, then I'm going out in the sunshine.



  1. Ive just watched the video and noticed the sentence near the end of it.....Fighting a losing battle.And thats how I feel when I watch things like this.Even to the Aussie labels on the bottles should have been cut off before the bottle is put in for recycling.I think that we are all learning all the time.Some of us take notice...but alot dont!.My recycling bag is alot smaller than it was 5 years ago..I try and reuse,rot down,buy without plastic wrappings.But I still see alot of people,putting out 4,5 maybe 6 recycling bags out each week,thinking they are doing good.And this is what they thought at the start of all this recycling.. alot of us are guilty of it,me included.But when you look deeper into it,it is not the ideal way to go.I could go on forever about this,lol..but it is a serious issue.But also we cant beat ourselves up about it when we feel as though we have failed some weeks!.Its not the matter of one person being perfect..but many people taking notice and trying their best.To think about what they buy...hard I know when you have kids,grandchildren ect..I know cause Ive got the worn out,mended 25 year old T shirt to prove it,lol...that is now used as rags for cleaning the cat litter trays out!.But if people cut down on what they are buying,you will save money and even make a bit of cash for your self or charities,when your stuff can be passed on and used I am going to get off my box and sit and read my book in the garden!xx

  2. it is heart breaking to see what plastic has done to our oceans..

  3. Our household trash including some plastics is sent to be burned for electricity here in Hawaii....much better than going to the landfill or off overseas. Since China has declined to take plastics and even newspaper is not worth money these days....some stuff that I used to put in the recycle bin I just put in with the trash least it is being recycled then for electricity which otherwise was generated with oil here on Oahu island. But really, we just have to wean ourselves off plastic packaging.
    I also live by the beach and I take a bucket down to the beach at least once a week to pick up plastic. Much of it is coming in from the fishing industry as well as from across the other side of the Pacific Ocean. The parts of plastic household bottles that I find have fish teeth marks on them. Our seabird babies are found dead with stomachs full of plastic bits fed to them by the mothers...who are used to skimming small bits of sea life from the ocean for them. In the Pacific Island state of Vanuatu they have banned plastic straws....we are talking about it here too......and plastic bags.

  4. Everyone talks but it's action that's needed. How many different pieces of plastic have each of you touched today? Why is it in your home? Whether it's something you've bought, something you've inherited, or something you're 'recycling' by using it in another way, it's not right. Each of those pieces of plastic doesn't need to be in your home. The problem won't get solved until we refuse to even touch plastic. Refuse to use it or have it in our homes.
    Plastic jug? Glass jug.
    Plastic measuring spoons? Metal measuring spoons.
    Plastic toys? Wooden toys.
    Plastic watering can? Metal can.
    There are alternatives to plastic if people stop being so blinkered. There are other materials being used, you don't need to buy anything plastic.
    Also those who 'recycle' plastic are merely prolonging the agony. When everyone refuses to touch plastic there won't be the same demand for it.
    It may take some thought and effort but it can be done. The simplest of examples - yesterday I needed to buy a new comb, a bit of investigation and I've bought a bamboo comb. No plastic, not even in the packaging.
    It's time we all took action instead of moaning about it and doing nothing.

    1. Hi Jill.It is hard isnt it!.After reading your comment,Ive sat and looked around my kitchen and yes there is plastic that I touch each day without even noticing.The light switches,the pipe leading from my boiler,the clips that hold the other pipes to the wall,the lead to the lightbulb in my hall way,an old washing up bowel that I use for carrying my washing out to dry on the line.The handles and seat of my 50 year old Raleigh bike..even this lap top,with its plastic lead and charger.The plastic on my old record player...I could go on forever when I sit down and look around.But what is the alternative for these things?.Most of what Ive mentioned...apart from the laptop!..have been there for getting on for 50 years.Nearly forgot,remote controls that my disabled Hubby uses for switching the plastic covered telly on with!.Every lead to any thing electric is plastic!.I just dont think that it is possible to have a family home that doesnt have plastic in it.And to get my grandkids to part with their plastic covered mobile phones would be like trying to remove one of their arms,lol.I agree that we all need to think about what we are buying now and when things are broke,either live without it if possible or see if there is a more planet friendly alternative.xx

  5. I agree has you say plastic is everywhere the only thing I do is not buying things I dont really need and I get family money instead of items and hope they buy something useful and recycleable.
    Hazel c uk

  6. Sometimes plastic is necessary for safety reasons especially as you age. I remember growing up using glass containers for shampoo and hair conditioner and being scared to death of dropping it causing glass to shatter all over the place. I would be even more scared of using glass containers now.We have hard water and it became nearly impossible for me to clean the soap scum off of the shower walls so I had to switch from bar soap to body wash. I wish body wash came in non-plastic or non-glass.


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