Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Start of a long journey

A little update on the latest project. A piece of hessian, a little bit of paint, and a heck of a lot of stitching. Should keep me busy for a while. 

Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. That looks proper 'arty' the kind of thing I would expect to see in a gallery. I bet it looks amazing when its completed

  2. Beautiful soft colours - looks like a lovely small rug.

  3. I understand very well what you mean about not rushing it.I like the way you turned it round and saw the picture frames developing!.It does look like hard work...does going through the hessian and the paint make your fingers sore?...But then again,it isnt hard work if you enjoy doing it!..if you get my drift,lol.And you have got all spring and summer to be able to sit in your summer house doing a few stitches when an idea comes to mind.Im back out in the garden today planting some more onions in an old hessian shopping bag that I got from the charity shop for 10p.Im sticking a few garlic cloves in with them aswell.I love it when I see the little green leaves starting to grow through the soil!.Im starting to bury my veg peelings,teabags and egg shells cause this seems to make them rot down quicker than just leaving them in a compost pile.xx

  4. I will be interesting to see how it looks. Your art is always nice.
    We have thick fog this morning so it should be a good day. Its my day for Knit and Knatter we are working on a big blanket for a raffle prize for. Enjoy your day.

    Hazel c uk

  5. Have just watched your vid; really interesting insight to your creation process. When you said your 'picture frame' idea, I thought different postage stamps would be interesting within the frames? Actually you may just have inspired me to crack on with my own project of restoring an inherited piece of furniture...


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