Friday, 31 May 2019

Bimbling around Padstow

I checked out of the Beechwood House B & B after breakfast on the sixth day, and headed off towards Padstow in my car. I was hoping to take in both Padstow and Tintagel on the same day. 
When I got there I looked for a B & B for that night, but couldn't find anywhere suitable. Too much time wasted driving around and looking, so I drove on to Wadebridge where I thought I would have a better chance. As luck would have it there is a Travelodge just before the town. That will do fine, so I booked in, left my car there, and went for a walk into the town. A quick look round, I resisted the temptation of buying fudge.

Then I found a bicycle hire place next to the river, bikes of all sizes and configurations. Not that I wanted to hire one, but people were using them to cycle along the Camel Trail. It's about a five mile stretch alongside the River Camel, to Padstow. I decided I had enough time to walk it. Maybe I could hire a bike at the other end to come back, or maybe I could get the bus back.

The trail was like the M1 motorway for bikes, every type you can think of. Families were pulling trailers with little kids in them. There were special doggie trailers. Tandems, tricycles, grown up bikes with kiddie bikes attached to the back. Watching them all took my mind off the boring long straight and flat, track.

I arrived in Padstow, and it was very busy.

This ferry crosses over the river to the other side. Backwards and forwards continually. It serves as a link for those people walking the South West Coastal Path, which winds it's way towards Polzeath, and onward to Port Isaac.

I took a walk up to a monument on the hillside for some nice views.

I'm not sure what this boat was doing, but a whole lot of sludge was being discharged into the river.

I didn't fancy the walk back to Wadebridge so I checked the timetable for a bus. It dropped me right outside the Travelodge, so I went across the road to the retail park and picked up something for my picnic in the room, at Aldi. Time to head home the following day, but I have time to have a bimble around Tintagel before I head off back up north.

Final reminder to the Walking Group Members, don't forget to check in tomorrow.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I love the way you pack so much into every second you are on holiday!.You must feel as though you have achieved so much and take away so many happy memories!.I having been reading about one of your previous holidays,in 2012.It must be nice to be able to look back over and relive it all.xx

  2. I lived in Polzeath for a year in my late teens working in a hotel there. I walked to Padstow, couldnt do it now! Lovely part of our country. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Wonderful, used to live near there. Great to see your adventures. Thank you. x

  4. I will always remember my first view of the Camel estuary and Cornish coast as we arrived at Trebetherick, between Rock and Polzeath, for a family holiday. It's why I live down here now. Beautiful area but, I agree, dodging bikes along the Camel Trail is not the best walk ever.
    The sludge boat was probably clearing the channel in the river. I know you don't indulge but did you know that 'Doom Bar' beer is named after the dangerous sand bar which lies across the mouth of the estuary; many ships have ben wrecked on it.
    You certainly do fill every minute of your holiday. True to your ethos - not a moment wasted

    1. I wondered if the boat was dredging. We have dangerous sandbanks here on the Trent, boats coming to the docks have to navigate past them, and only when the tide is in. Haven't seen any dredgers though.

      I do partake of a tipple now and again. I like a can of cider, or a bottle of wine, and I have been known to try a fancy beer occasionally.


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