Saturday, 18 May 2019

My Trucking Life. Part 5.

Here's one for the weekend. Moving on from the driving work I have done, to how I started the Lady Truckers Club.

I'm having the day off, see you soon. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. It seems like it was such a happy time for you!.The social part and the support you all gave each other.It was lovely to hear of the young girl who got her dream job!.I wonder what they are all doing now and do you all keep in touch?.Im sure you will let us know in your up coming videos!.I am really enjoying these!.I hope that you enjoy your day off.Im doing a bit of cooking this morning following a recipe for veggie lasagne.After that a trip down my Mams and then pick some compost up from Aldi,because I have run out of my own that I do.The newest stuff isnt quite ready yet,so Im going to bury that under the shop bought stuff and hope that it rots down quicker!Ive got an oldish tomato in the back of my fridge so I will slice that up and plant it and wait for my tomato plants to start growing.Last year they took really well so fingers crossed for this year too!,Have a lovely weekend!,xx

  2. Never did I think I would spend time watching videos about trucking!!! However, I am really enjoying this series - I am in awe of you and everything that you have achieved throughout your working life. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. Enjoying your videos Ilona. A busy and exciting time for you organising the Lady Truckers.

  4. I just thought that I would let you know,that my Hubbies friend,the lorry driver who I spoke to last week,who was very positive about you girls.Well I saw him again today,told him that I had mentioned his positive comments on your blog..he looked at me blank because he didnt know what a blog was..I explained and he said..Good for her for keeping at it!.He is a lovely guy!,xx

  5. Love watching these videos Ilona, it must have been quite daunting starting up a club in pre-internet days! Just shows how unafraid of hard work you are.


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