Wednesday, 12 June 2019

All's rosy in the garden

A few pictures from the other day. It was sunny then, this morning it is murky, foggy, damp and cold. Very strange.
I put a chair outside the back door to sit on while I contemplated what to do next. I didn't get to sit on it. Mayze is always hovering, just in case a chair comes vacant that she can lie on. 
The cats like the long grass, Oscar has made a nest and loves to snooze there in the sun. Not today though. He has taken shelter under the table outside the back door. He doesn't seem to mind the manky smelly cushion that has been there for ages.

The pots are springing to life again and are showing signs of colour. The ivy up the side of the garage needs trimming, and I have some more plastic fruit to hang there, just for fun.

No need to buy any more plants, the beds are full to bursting.

A wonderful splash of colour in the flower garden. Some in full bloom, some with buds which will open up in the next few weeks.

The plastic boxes are coming to life again. Cheap seeds and bulbs bought from the £1 shop three years ago. They keep coming back. David wants a bit of a clean up and a lick of paint.
Aaah, Mayze has moved from the chair and has now come to see what I am doing in the summer house. This cat shelter with the storage space below it comes in very handy. I built if from a dog cage and bits of wood. The steps help them to get into it.

Don't think I'll be doing much in the garden today if this miserable weather keeps up. I'm almost coming to the end of the wall hanging, and now assembling bits of fabric for the next art project. Catch ya later. Toodle pip. ilona


  1. I love David's red pants, LOL
    Your garden is brilliant Ilona, so much colour, just wish mine was a bit bigger.
    As for the step up, we have to strategically place foot stools around the place for the fatter two to get up places. lol

  2. Your garden is so pretty Ilona I just wish it was a bit warm and dryer to get out side, I have just found the box of stones with holes in them that I had in the old house, I will give them a. wash and restring them. I love little bits and pieces about the garden.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Hi Ilona Mayze and Oscar - Love the photos of Mayze and Oscar delightful. My two are doing the same enjoying the wild part of the lawn at the back of the garden. My sister called today and tidied up the front part of the garden she left the back wild for the cats to enjoy. Your garden is very pretty I love the organge californian poppies they are so beautiful. I have pink roses at the back in memory of my late pets they loved to sleep near the roses. Weather will improve but you are right it has been rather dismal rain rain and more rain. On the positive side it can only get better. Love Liz Amy and Benny.xxxxx

  4. Its a very rainy day here again in Leicester,but the garden is loving it!.At least it has given me chance to catch up with a few other things in the house that have needed doing for the last few months!.Its nice to see the photos that you took when the sun was the minute that seems along time ago!.I have been clearing out stuff that that I have had for so long,some of it I cant remember where I got it from in the first place.Ive sold it to an antique place and got £37.Which I was well chuffed about!xx

  5. How lovely your garden looks so nice and is it true they want to charge for the tv license if your over 75 now?

  6. gosh your garden looks great! our backgreen is a washout.. not even got round to planting out beans or tomatoes yet, and got £1box of flower seeds - when the sun shone on monday aft for a bit it was lovely, but back to cold, windy and very wet.


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