Wednesday, 9 October 2019

New pet.

Did anyone see the sunrise on Monday morning? This is the sight that greeted me when I opened the curtains. Fabulous. Oscar cat standing on the outside table looking in, waiting. 'Anyone there, can I come in please, I'm ready for breakfast.' 
I have a new pet, Sammy the Spider has taken up residence in the cat litter box. He's a bigun. Been there a couple of days now, doesn't budge when I scoop out the pee and poo. I'll have to relocate him, I don't think he can climb out by himself.

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday, first in many years, I'm not a gambler. Just wondered if it was my lucky day. Think I'd better check it, just in case.

Red and green bunting finished, and some more made. Email arrived inviting me to be a guest speaker at an Eco fashion show, next month. Luckily I'm free so I can do it. It's at a posh hotel in Hull, should be fun. Here's a bit about it.

The show will showcase key looks from established and emerging local designers in and around Hull, it will be an incredible platform for designers and models to help promote environmental sustainability, resource recycling and also educate others about reducing textile waste. Creative Minds Organisation in Hull known for recycling fabrics for art and promotes sustainable living. 

Right up my street, eh!.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I had to be up early on Monday near Spurn Head and the sunrise was stunning here too, all brilliant rust and shocking pink.

  2. I thought your new pet was going to be a cat or a dog.
    We have had some huge spiders, there all coming out of their hiding places, we have a spider vac, its a long tube it sucks them up, and then I chuck them outside.
    The show sounds right up your street.

  3. I have a Spider in the bathroom. He certainly moves about although I never see him moving. I am fine with he or she.

  4. I did not see the sunrise but the sun sets have been very pretty.
    I agree the spiders are huge, I keep a little box with a lid on my dressing table just in case a spider is in the bedroom at night, I would never kill one but put it in the box and put it outside.
    Good luck with the lottery ticket.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Is that spider a plastic one,lol...or is it real!,I have some Halloween ones here that the Grandkids left years ago and they are very realistic looking!...But if it was a real one and I couldnt catch it to put outside,then I would have a For Sale notice on my house by now,lol.All I can say is I think your new pet will be very cheap to feed and will last you a lifetime!!,xx


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