Friday, 14 February 2020

Boogie Woogie rules, OK.

My mum was a big fan of Liberace, at the time I didn't take much notice, being the stroppy teenager that I was. Rock and roll and sixties was my thing. But hey, I have found Liberace on yooootoooob, and now I am a big fan as well. My goodness that man was brilliant, and what a showman with a great sense of humour.

I've watched some interviews and documentaries, and now I'm going to look for his books at the library.

Here he is performing his Boogie Woogie routine which became his signature tune. Don't forget to shout HEY at the appropriate times. He was full of fun and loved to entertain his audience.

And now for some good news, I've just organised a little jolly, I'm going to see Terry Miles play live, how exciting is that. Keep watching his channel, he may be coming to a pub near you. 
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Oh you lucky girl!!,Going to see Terry in the flesh...if you get my drift,lol.He is amazing,talented and handsome too!.I will keep watching to see if he is coming to Leicester!,xx

  2. My mum loved Liberace too Ilona and I never did when I was young either but after watching him now I can see how great he really was x

  3. What a talented man he was and apparently a very generous and kind one as well. A great showman who was skilled in his craft and had a sense of humour as well; a joy to watch this short video, thank you.


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