Monday, 3 February 2020

One more day

The wall hanging picture is finished. I spent most of yesterday on it, and the last stitches went on this morning. Then I went to Crafty Club. Then I went to my friends for a coffee and natter. Then I came home and a friend came round for another sewing lesson. Then I made my dinner. Now I am going out for a walk. Photographs are done, but no time to do the blog post tonight, a job for tomorrow. A quick peek at the back of it, a lorra lorra stitching, as Cilla would say. 
Thanks to everyone who checked in with their miles for January. It's good to see so many taking part.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Hi Ilona, the back of your work is so neat and tidy. I am impressed and look forward to seeing the front:)

  2. You are so clever with various art forms. I love seeing your work and techniques.

    It occurs to me you may have a suggestion for this:

    Is it possible to somehow matt a small crocheted afghan (no afghan size , but I use that word to give you an idea of the type of crochet and pattern etc), and frame it?

    I have someone who may make me one, as a sort of artwork, and I thought it would be lovely to frame it on the wall. Then I thought...golly, will sag all over. (inside the frame/glass). I am thinking I might have to hand stitch each little area to some backing, then matt and frame.. any suggestions? (I am not good with handstitiching, or any craft for that matter...sigh)

  3. The back of your work is very neat.

  4. Even the back of the wall hanging looks quite interesting, with all the differnet stitches!
    Hilde in Germany

  5. I LOVE this. My husband and I strolled around The Road To CA Quilt Show a weekend or so back and saw many wonderful things there. This, had it been in the mix, would have surly won a prize.


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