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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Almost on the tele again

A bit of excitement today, the phone rang this morning, a researcher asking me all about my frugal lifestyle, she had seen me in the film three weeks ago and thought I would fit in with a television programme they are recording. It sounded really good, I asked a friend if she wanted to come and she was up for it. They said they would send a car to take us down to Kent, an overnight stay in a hotel, then to the TV studios tomorrow morning. How exciting is that.

Several phone calls went back and forth, I thought, oooh, they are really interested in me. I could just picture me and Pauline swanning down the motorway in the back of a limo, sipping champers, propping the bar up in the hotel tonight, the life of a celeb, can't be bad. We were getting excited.

I should have realised there was a twist to it. The producer told me about a man that was going to be on the programme, he has eleven children and has given up his job because because he gets more money from the state, and what do I think about it. Warning bells sounded, I suddenly twigged. They had delved into my personality because they wanted someone fiesty and opinionated to confont this man on screen in front of millions, my money saving and frugal living was of secondary importance.

I told him that I was not going to take part in a verbal punch up, I don't do confrontation, that is not what I am about. I might have an opinion on it but I am not about to play up to the cameras just to boost their ratings. I said it was underhanded and it wasn't honest to lead people on like that. Yes I can be fiesty when I want to be.
Daily spend - nothing


  1. Well done Ilona!! It's about time someone took a stand against all this car-crash TV

  2. good for you taking a stand I hate the way producers menipulate people just to make "good" TV. By the way I read your Blog every day, hope you keep it up I love reading about your frugal lifestyle.


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