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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Time to move on.

I suddenly rememberd that the distribution depot where I have been working for the last seven years is closing tomorrow, so today I took the opportunity to call in and say my goodbyes to everyone. The closure was first announced in October, I was expecting to go back to work after recovering from my operation, that same weekend the news broke. As I was an agency driver I was one of the first to be laid off.

It was sad to go in today and see the place stripped bare, the stock in the warehouse has been shipped to the remaining depots around the country, the trailers and units are to be delivered tomorrow. There was a sombre mood about the place as everyone contemplated what their next move is. Most of the drivers are transferring to the Doncaster depot, which will mean more than an extra hour on their daily travelling time, not something to be relished on top of a 12 to 15 hour day. But they have no choice, it's either travel or become unemployed.

The warehouse staff have little chance of finding work, one woman said she had got some work in a care home, but the rest didn't sound hopefull. I feel for the people who still have a good many working years ahead of them, I wish I could pass on some of my money saving knowledge to them, because they are going to need it.

This kind of situation is happening all over the country, a very sad state of affairs, peoples lives are being turned upside down, and they are going to have to make some big changes. I tell everyone wherever I go, that there is life after money. I want to hug them all and tell them not to worry, but of course they will. Good luck to my B & Q Scunthorpe collegues.

Me and my truck at Immingham Docks.
Daily spend - £1 veg seeds. £3.95 cat food.
£1 charity shop

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  1. Hi.

    Well - true that there is life after money - but I couldnt cope with some of the economies you make Ilona - I'd loathe being so cold for starters. You are more creative than many too - with all your craft projects you do - which is something a lot couldnt/wouldnt do.

    It is sad to see so many people losing their jobs 'tis true - it feels like watching a "tidal wave" of joblosses - as the "chickens come home to roost" with a vengeance and its the ordinary person in the street that is paying a price that was largely created by other people. Its very easy to start going off into a Blame Fest as to whose fault this all is - the bankers obviously feature largely as culprits here. Though, it has to be said, that many people took on an unrealistic level of debt personally - as they just thought "the good times will keep a-rolling" and I find it difficult to understand why they didnt realise that that wouldnt actually be possible ad infinitum.

    So - the strategy is twofold I guess: a. to work out exactly how we got here and b. how to work our way through this and come out the other side. What is not an option is to continue with the Ostrich Technique (ie burying our heads in the sand) - that is a technique we have been collectively employing for far too long.




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