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Monday, 12 January 2009

A free gift

A nice free gift dropped through my letter box this morning, a lovely top of the range, plum coloured with silver trimmings, laser engraved, ball point pen. How kind of the company to send me this, I shall treasure it. If I want any more I can order them at £1.49 each, and each one comes in it's own gift box. Thanks for your generous offer, but I'll just stick with this one for the time being.

I love libraries, our mobile van comes on a Monday and parks opposite the end of my street. Admittedly they carry a limited amount of books, but I can always find something of interest. Non fiction is my scene, I can't see the point of reading something that is made up, for me, truth is far more exciting. I like autobiographies, vegetable growing, craftwork, computers, and anything else that takes my fancy. If they haven't got exactly what you're looking for it's a good opportunity to enlighten yourself with an unfamiliar subject. I came away with seven books, I'm like a kid when I get home, eager to get into my bag of goodies.


  1. I had a nice pen sent to me at work. It had my name on it and was an advertising sample like yours. The problem was that they had spelt my name wrong... Besides why would I want to pay a lot of money to send friends a pen with MY name on it?

    I've just read all your tips at the right of the page. I too use aqueous cream for just about everything. I needed a new tub last month and as I happened to be in a larger Sainsbugs with a pharmacy, I asked how much the cream was and found that they were charging over 50p less than I usually pay in the shops in our area for a large tub. I also buy a large tub of own brand petroleum jelly and use that as lip salve - MUCH cheaper than lipsyl.

  2. Hi Jo, I don't think I'll be getting any more free pens, the company rang me up to ask if I like it, hoping for an order no doubt. I had to come clean and tell them that I had closed the business, so no more pens as they strike me off their list. Thanks for your tip about petroleum jelly, I'll try that.


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