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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Frugal housework.

I've had a bit of a tidy up today, there's a reporter coming with a photographer tomorrow, they want to do a story for the Yorkshire Post. Although I keep the house reasonably clean I do not believe in getting the Dyson out every day, that would use far too much electricity, and the machine would wear out very quickly. Things have to last a long time in this house. For the kitchen floor I brush the crumbs up, then get down on my hands and knees with a cloth and wipe round, no fancy cleaning liquids either, just a squirt of wash up liquid cleans everything. They seem to invent a new cleaning fluid almost every week, I don't even bother to go down the household aisles in the supermarket, it saves a fortune.

I have some awful bath foam that someone gave me years ago, the bottle looks nice, but you wouldn't want to put the contents on your body for fear of smelling like a strawberry milkshake. Then I had a brainwave, would it clean my toilet? Bingo, it makes a lovely job, and cleans my sink as well, I don't like to waste anything.


  1. Hi

    Well - I'll follow this with interest - being the "founder" of the "Simplifying Life" thread on M.S.E. Old Style Board and being a blogger myself (if not in the same vein as you).



  2. Have just come across your blog - it's great! Exactly what I'm looking for. I made a new year resolution that I was going to become more frugal so your tips are really helpful.
    Love Jayne ...XX

  3. Thank you for your comments, The more you get into frugal the easier it becomes, it's being contented with your lot. Live with an attitude of gratitude, is what I always say. I will look at your blogs, thanks. Ilona


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