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Monday, 26 January 2009

Video tape handbag

Just finished my handbag, knitted with video tape. Measurements are 11" x 9". The pink fabric is from a very old curtain, the white lacey trimming I salvaged from a skip (lampshade), small buttons from my button box, pink elastic from a box of chocolates, two metal buttons you cover yourself my friend gave me. It's easy to make, knit an oblong piece, twice the size you want the bag, fold in half. The video tape will not slide along the needles as you knit and there is no give in the tape, so you have to adjust the tension of every stitch. Cut the lining longer, so you have enough to fold over and enclose the edge. Cut two long pieces for the handles, sew along the edge and turn inside out and neatly sew the end. You can decorate it with any trimmings you have.

Daily spend - £11.21 Tesco reduced food


  1. This is fantastic - I love it! Thrifting at its best.

    Jayne xxx

  2. OMG thats gorgeous!! You have a genuine talent Ilona, well done once again - you continue to amaze and inspire!!


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