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Saturday, 24 January 2009

My workshop

My living room is beginning to look like a workshop, there are two dining room tables which are now covered in works in progress, and all manner of collected bric a brac that might come in usefull to make something. I finished a loaf of bread, and looked lovingly at the wrapper wondering what else I could do with it other than use it for a dog poo bag. I got the scissors and turned it into strips, I cast on a few stitches with it and knitted a few rows, just to see what it looked like. It had a silver coating to it and looked quite sparkly, I wonder where I can get some more of those, a cafe perhaps?

My handbag knitted out of video tape is almost finished, I've only got to attach the handles. I must say it's looking great, I decided to line it with a piece of dusky pink fabric, will post a picture when it's ready. By the way, charity shops are a good place to get knitting needles, I got five pairs for £1.

I've been making beads out of coloured paper, mainly brochures and leaflets, I seem to remember doing this years ago. I cut long narrow pieces of paper, one inch wide at the bottom, tapering to nothing at the top. Then starting at the bottom, wrap it tightly round a toothpick. About 2 inches from the top add a blob of glue to stick the end down, then give it three or four coats of varnish. I have been experimenting with different sizes and colours, when I have enough I will make a necklace or use them for decoration.
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