Monday, 29 June 2009

More ideas for zips

Talking of zips, here is another purse I made. This one has the seams on the inside, and has eight zips whereas the last one had six and the seams on the outside. I think I like this one better, plenty of room for cash and cards. I have been trying to think of something else to make with zips, and came up with these pretty wristbands. The top one has a pink ribbon edging with beads added to the stitching, and small coloured buttons sewn onto the zip. I have used velcro for the fastening, it works well but looks a bit messy. The bottom one is edged with red vinyl strips, also stitched on with beads added. The glass crystals down the centre came out of a skip at work, they threw a lot of chandeliers away. I put a press stud on to fasten it, it looks better.
Oh, I almost forgot, I made another shopping bag as well, out of the gazebo roof I mentioned before. I made the handles seperately for this one. The panel on the front is a piece of fused plastic bags, I wondered what to do with it, so I sewed it on with the machine with a zigzag stitch. The bag is strong, I just collected eight library books in it, my bags for life really will last a lifetime.


  1. You have just reminded me... I need to do some sewing for a stall at the weekend... thankyou for the wonderful ideas... shall be in the workshop for hours now!

  2. I really love your tote bag. It must be my week to find items with zippers. Here's another cool idea:

  3. Hi ladyhawthorne, thanks, another one for my favourites folder.
    Jane, I am also doing a stall at a local show on Sunday. I will have some of my own things on display, not for sale, but it will be mainly to publicise the Scrapstore. I'll get some photo's.