Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Watching my spending

I've just had some extra money off vouchers in the post from Tesco Clubcard, I see there is one for £6 off a £40 spend, between 13th and 19th of July. I will start running down my store cupboard and freezer, eating what I have and only buying a few essentials like fruit and veg, so that I can use the voucher. My weekly grocery spend is only about £12 to £15, so I need to be quite low on food to justify spending £40.

I was in Tesco yesterday. A friend and I did a six mile walk to check out the route of the sponsored walk on Friday, we started and finished at Tesco, so I popped in for some fruit. I don't normally wander into the non food section but I noticed a few people rummaging in the discount aisle so nosey me had a peek. Most of it was a good price but not what I needed, but I did see a couple of bargains that I could not resist. Six plastic wash up brushes for 20p, I bought two bundles. A medium size black, backpack for only 50p. I do like backpacks for walking, this was a strong but lightweight one, fantastic bargain I thought. I've just had an idea, I might personalise my backpack with some embelishments from my crafty bits and pieces:-)

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