Saturday, 25 July 2009

Jobs in the garden

I couldn't decide whether to go out today or not. I looked at the map and thought I might go to Derbyshire, so I put the computer on and printed off some os maps of the Hathersage area. But, by the time I had checked Down The Lane Forum, clouds had started to drift over, and they said it might be showery in the afternoon. Perhaps I will work in the garden instead.

Some of the peas are ready for taking out, I have them in plastic boxes on a pallet, which I built a frame round and covered the sides in shrink wrap, so it's quite easy to move things about. This left me with a space and as my tomatoes are rather cramped and not getting enough light, I was able to move some of them onto the pallet to make room to move the others about. The compost I had left from the peas I spread on the tomato plants, then I went round them all trimming some of the leaves off.

The broad beans are nearly finished now so I cut the tops off some of them, they want taking out in the next few days, I can't be bothered to do it now. The compost heap is growing, a good time to add some of the shredded paper. There seems to be spuds and tomatoes sprouting up everywhere, that will teach me not to throw the potato peelings and rotten tomatoes on the compost heap.

It looks like the hedges need a trim, so I got the shears and step ladder out and made a start. The hedge at the bottom of the garden is too high for me to reach all the way across the top, so I will have to go and ask the people in the bungalow round the corner if I can go into their garden to finish it off. Maybe next week sometimes for that job. I knew I should have worn something with sleeves for the hedge cutting, now my arms are sore and stinging with red blotches, from leaning over the conifers. I smothered them in aloe vera jelly and that made them sting more than ever, ouch!

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