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Thursday, 11 February 2010

I've had the snip, snip, snip, snip, snip, snip

I try and limit my visits to the hairdresser, not because I am too meant to pay, well ok I don't want to pay very much, but because it is so damn boring in there. I wait untill I absolutely have to go, usually after I have chopped lumps off and it is starting to look a bit odd. I can manage the top and the sides, but I struggle a bit with the back.

I hate sitting there while someone fiddles about with my hair, combing, lifting and separating, clipping it up out of the way, trimming my fringe, pushing my head this way and that, bits of hair floating around my face and landing on my eyelashes and in my mouth. I hate looking at myself in the mirror so it's just as well I can take my specs off so I can't see how awful I look with flat wet hair. I hate anyone else seeing me in this unglamorous state as well.

Then the hairdresser starts making conversation, and I can't hear her because I have taken my hearing aid out. I just smile and say yes to everything, and hopes she gets on with the job pretty sharpish so I can be out of there. I don't know why some women like going to the hairdressers, I wish I could take my head off and just leave it there and go back for it later.

Anyway, I had my haircut today, there is a new shop just opened in town, big signs on the window with the prices, £5 for an oap trim, that will do me. The girl did more chatting than cutting, I was in a rush but she kept rabbiting on and I couldn't hear a word of it. Then she got the hairdryer out and blow dried it, which it didn't need it was almost dry anyway. I said how lovely it was when she positioned the miror round the back of my head. I paid my £5 and as I was leaving I said, 'see you again'. Not very likely, I thought, if she is going to fanny about like that every time :-)


  1. Whenever a hairdresser asks one mate of mine how he wants his hair cut, he tells me that he always says, "In silence, please."

  2. Hello!
    I just discovered your blog and I just love it.
    We've become downshifters too and enjoy doing more with less.
    I'll be back real soon.

  3. If you could take your head off then you could cut your hair yourself and see what the back looks like.

    (Have often thought this myself)

  4. HAHAHA Love the bit about taking your head off... I'm glad i'm not the only one who hates going to the hairdresser. What makes it even worse is my auntie's and mum go to my hairdresser so when i sit down for a quick trim she's already had all the gossip about my life from them! So i'm like you and avoid going at all costs , even got my 13 year old daughter cutting my hair.

  5. I stupidly had my hair cut by a different girl at the salon, BIG mistake, cost more as she was supposedly the top stylist. told her, I am a was and dry, quick brush and done kind of gal. Just cut the crispy bits off (dead ends). I know I havent had it cut for 6 months but I looked up from my laptop, had to work. and she started to snip round my face. I was like "what? why are you cutting a fringe in?"

    now I have a horrid hair cut, that is poofy and I have to style it in the mornings with products.

    I think I will cut it myself next time.

    And a head that comes off to see the back reminds me of worzel gummage

  6. What is an oap trim?
    I hate going to the hair dresser also.
    Talk talk talk. They usually have music on terribly loud and you can't hear them anyway plus all the dryers going and everyone else yapping. I"m glad I"m not the only one that doesn't enjoy it. I cut my own hair and no one has said anything about it. Maybe it looks THAT awful!

  7. I grow my hair and have it cut every three years ! that is enough of the banal facile meaningless s**te that comes out of the mouths of those brainless offence to any hairdressers but to be fair, they never want to chat about the lack of aid to Haiti, the state of the economy or the play for today on Radio 4!

  8. Brilliant comments! An oap trim is an Old Age Pensioners trim, which is technically what I am. I always ask for a discount. ha ha.

  9. what a FUN post...thanks for the laugh!


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