Sunday, 11 April 2010

I'm gonna climb a mountain

To follow on from the last post of building a mountain, I shall be climbing a mountain on Tuesday. I'm off to the Lake District to meet up with a few others from and we are going up Helvellyn, the third highest mountain in England. Whooopeeee, I'm so excited. While I am there I thought I might as well do some walks myself as well. It looks pretty interesting on the map, lots of hills, and I might have a trip on a boat, that's if they are working. So, I'll catch up with you later, lots of pics to post when I get back.


  1. Have fun!

    Looking forward to the photos

  2. We are seeing reports of the UK being covered with ash. I hope you are ok out there climbing your mountain! Texas is looking forward to hearing from you.


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