Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How many cats.......

Question - how many cats does it take to make a cat bag?
Answer - three.

One is on strike for more pay, the second is on his lunch break, and the third has downed tools and is sitting on his work because I have told him off about his sewing not being neat enough :o)

Little Blackie wandered off when he had finished eating, he doesn't even live here, Tabby Lilly went off in a sulk, and Ginger Bugsy said, stuff it I resign.

Eventually the bag did get finished. It's a pressie for my friend Janet who looks after the boys when I am not here. You may remember I made one of these before, and gave it to my friend Sue, so I thought it only fair to make Janet one as well.

I could perhaps squeeze one more out of the last piece of the gazebo roof, that would make it ten bags in total, not bad for something I picked out of a skip.


  1. Hi Ilona, I am catching iup with your blog tonight. I absolutely love that bag. How did you cut out the cats like that? Do you have a die cutter?

  2. Hi Sharon. I don't have a die cutter but the Scrapstore does. I scrounged a card template from them because I knew it would come in usefull for something. I have a bigger cat shape as well, it was a greetings card that someone gave me.

  3. Forgot to say, I draw the cats onto the vinyl with pencil, then cut them out with nail scissors.

  4. Brilliant! I'll pose for you if you like too...


  5. Hi,what a gorgeous Bag,you are so clever!!!love the photo's of your little Kitty's,just adorable

  6. What a fun bag. Love the kittys they are so fun.

  7. You are the ultimate Bag Lady, lol. Your bags are soo fabulous!! And the cats are beautiful, too. I like the view out of your window. Lovely garden.

  8. Ther ought o be some twist here on letting the cat out of the bag but I can't quite get there! Great bag and love the cats real and sewn.

  9. I like that, 'cat out of the bag', ha ha. Milton I'm sure you would make a perfect model, you're so handsome.

    Yes, the view of the garden from my window is lovely. When I came here there was nothing at all in the borders apart from a couple of lilac trees. I bought some evergreen bushes, and people gave me some, and now it is full all the year round. I like low maintenance. Just mow the grass and trim up. The veg garden at the end doesn't look so good though, not much happening there. Good job it's hidden behind a hedge.


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