Thursday, 6 May 2010

X marks the spot

Have you done it? Well I've done it, put my cross in the square. Dithering right to the end, do I vote for the party or do I vote for the man. I stood there in the village hall, with the pencil in my hand, now which one do I go for. I looked down the list of names. Never heard of him, didn't recognise that one, and who is that bloke?

There was one name I did recognise. I know who he is because several years ago I had a little job taking names at funerals, so those who had attended could be mentioned in the newspaper. The man in question turned up and told me his name, I started to write. 'No, no, that's not the correct spelling'. Oops, well I spelt it how it sounded, I don't think I will forget him in a hurry. I didn't put a cross in his box.

The other name I recognised has been popping through my letter box on a regular basis for the past year. His enthusiasm for the job has been amazing, I must have received several tons of literature, detailing all the campaigns he has been involved with. On the bottom of one of these pieces of paper, it said it had been printed somewhere in the south of England. I was a bit miffed about that and sent him an email to register my disapproval. I asked why hadn't it been printed locally. I was impressed, I had a very detailed answer back within the hour, the contents of which I understood perfectly.

It seems to me that he is one step ahead of all the rest, pity that he is not with the party I was leaning towards. Never mind, I decided to go with him anyway. He is a youngish family man with a responsible job, a decent type who makes time to communicate with ordinary folk like me. He'll do.

While I have been writing this something amazing has happened, he must be psychic. I've just had a phone call from one of his team asking if I have been to vote yet. My answer, yes I went early, because I've been walking dogs all day.

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  1. I went early too, glad i did as some popel missed out on their vote yesterday