Tuesday, 4 May 2010

In praise of younger men

My friend gave me a pile of trashy magazines that she had finished with, you know the sort, celebs, fashions, gossip, TV, sensationalised OMG shock horror stories. I told her off for wasting her money, but as she says, she doesn't go out and spends very little money on herself anyway, so I suppose she is allowed one indulgence. They are now on my dining room table for me to peruse at my leisure. Well I might as well, they didn't cost me anything :o)

While eating my porridge this morning I browsed the TV pages, and to my delight I found a picture of Aidan Turner in an article about the show, Being Human. Now I have never seen this, having no tele, but I have seen Aidan before in The Desperate Romantics, which I caught on the BBC iplayer. I was totally smitten by him in that production, he played a lovable philanderer, the type of character I find extremely fascinating.

I'd forgotten how gorgeous he was untill I read this article this morning, now I have lots of cheeky thoughts in my head. I shall have a smile on my face for the rest of the day, and when people ask what's going on, I shall just say, I'm in love with Aidan. Well a girl can dream, ha ha.
What do you think ladies, isn't he just scrummy ? I'm not sure who owns the picture, but thank you for letting me borrow it.


  1. Didn't know who he was, but he can come to my house anytime...I love the dark scruffy looking guys...just wished they loved the overweight 51 year olda... hahahhaha

  2. I saw Being Human on BBC America. Aidan Turner is easy on the eyes! He fits the vampire image.
    But speaking of BBC.........I wish they would just show us what you see in Britain instead of tailoring it for Americans. How hard could it be?

  3. Hmmm I liked him in Desperate Romantics too, he looks rather erm naughty !!
    Twiggy x

  4. yum, yum, i loved him in both programmes, very dark and brooding

  5. I've not seen him before.....

    Yeah, he's not bad!


  6. he's very heathcliff............?

  7. Being human is one of my favourite programmes and Aidan... well what can I say... Woof Woof!! I watched Desperate Romantics solely on the strength of seeing him!