Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rolling around

Sorry to disappear, I've been away for a couple of days, but I took my roller blades with me. I was out with my sister in Yarm, in North Yorkshire, and I decided to have a practice on the Station Car Park. She snapped away while I tried to concentrate,

but fell about laughing :o)
Getting the hang of it now, don't make me laugh.

I hope I don't look too silly with this walking stick, I need some of those posh walking poles.

Hang on a minute, let me go back and try again.

By jove I think I've got it. Yay.


  1. What a fab post! I love that you accessorised the skates with a walking stick!

  2. You are wonderful..you bring laughter into my life!

  3. LOL. nothing like growing old gracefully...and that is nothing like growing old gracefully...go for it Ilona:-)
    Love the walking stick. You totally brightened my day. STill LOLing :-)

  4. If you`d turn the stick upside down you could play roller hockey next! :0)

  5. OMG what do you look like!!! LMAO I laughed when I saw this post, that is so funny. You look like you were having the time of your life :o) Brilliant post. :o)

  6. OH MY! Just seen this Ilona - and I laughed so much - mainly because I was talking to my friend just an hour ago saying I'd love to try some roller blades. Then I went home, downloaded some pics of Risley Moss, made a cuppa, Mr C came home because he's got a trapped nerve & can't use his arm properly, and came back upstairs and read this.

    Do you still use them? Let me know how you went on after the trial run. Great Stuff.

  7. Forgot to say, think we must both be as mad as a box of frogs.

  8. Hi Campfire. I have had a bit more practice on the blades, but there is definately a lack of good even ground in quiet places. I would like to practice in private before I try and whiz up and down the High Street.