Saturday, 4 September 2010

Maybe I can get it cheaper!

I might have had to get two new tyres for my car this week, at a cost of £130, :o( but at least my quarterly gas bill hasn't made me cry. The bills are getting so complicated. It says here that I have used 20 metric units over 106 days, which converts to 224.25 kwh, then it tells you how that was worked out. Then it explains about calorific value and volume correction, now I'm baffled.

British Gas has sent me an annual gas statement, which summarises my gas account and it says, gives me usefull information on managing my energy more efficiently. In one year I used 3458.25 kwh of gas, so if I continue to use energy at the same rate over the next 12 months the forecast for my cost is £211.36.

So, I'll pop round to the Post Office on Monday to pay this one, I'm sure I have £15.26p in my purse to cover it. Now where's this useful information they are offering, on managing my energy more efficiently, I might be able to knock it down a bit more, if I am very very carefull. Ah, here it is, over the page.....'Fill in our energy savers report for free, expert advice on how to cut up to one third off your energy bills'. Might be worth a try ;o)


  1. I would like any one to be able to advise you how to get your energy bills any cheaper!!! We're getting our bills lower and lower all the time by adopting the method of just not switching the heating/water on! You can get used to anything

  2. I would agree. Since we moved here and are afraid of the ancient immersion heater, I have got used to boiling a kettle to wash up (in a shallow bowl). Everything else is done with cold water. The shower heats its own water and there is no bath here.
    I was thinking about your "dry it outside" tip. I have always dried my washing outside, but I noticed since we moved to the side of a hill, that it takes no time at all!