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Monday, 11 October 2010

Mrs Shifter - no job too small

I spent most of the morning shifting a load of branches from Sue's garden, down to the local dump yard. She had a tree chopped down a few weeks ago and it needed to be moved. She had made a good job of breaking it all down and bagging up the small stuff, it must have been back breaking work, but us independant ladies don't shy away from a bit of hard graft. It took me two trips and the car was loaded up to the roof. My Focus estate comes in very handy for jobs like this, with the back seats folded down I can use it like a van.

Doggy walk this afternoon, meet Graham our gardener. He has recently turned 70 and he still spends hours keeping the church yard immaculate. We have a laugh and a joke, and a catch up with the village gossip whenever we meet. Poor Graham had a fall last week at his home, tripped on a step on his patio and smashed his teeth and cut his bottom lip, he had to have a lot of stitches. It looked very sore at the time and he could hardly speak, but it looks like it is healing up nicely. He'll be feeling a lot better once he gets his new teeth.

Remember the grave of the baby I talked about before? I saw his mother a couple of weeks ago for the first time, she told me she had had another baby. Today I see that extra flowers have been laid on the grave, it would have been Declan's third birthday on Friday. There are cards and little notes, a few more toys, and a lovely flower train with his name on. It still makes me cry when I see it.

I thought this single yellow flower looked pretty, underneath a tree.

When I went onto the hills, these leaves looked so pretty in the sunshine.

I thought I had found a home for Tiger and Lilly today. I asked my friends friend, who was visiting her. The lady had been thinking about getting another cat, after one of hers had died, but she only wanted one. Never mind, but she might still be lucky because Sue has a six month old kitten who is ready to go next week. In the meantime I'll keep looking, there must be somebody.


  1. I would love to have those two but living where we do I would be scared they would get killed on the road. For some reason there do not seem to be any cats, just dogs on this farm!!

  2. I didn`t think that theese two beautiful cats would be difficult to re-home. Best of luck!

  3. I agree, the the trees are looking beautiful at the moment. Although I really love the spring today Yorkshire was looking at its best. Aren't we lucky to live in such a lovely county/country?

  4. The trees are looking lovely this year particularly, very intense colours. I'm surprised that no one wants the cats x

  5. If I were them I'd stay with you and refuse to leave, especially as you have made such a lovely home for them. The longer they stay the harder it will be for you to part with them too. But as you already have several cats I can understand that in the long term it may be too many to care for. I do hope all works out for them and that they do find a loving owner.


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