Friday, 1 April 2011

Best foot forward

Good Morning. oops, it's just gone over the midday, Good Afternoon. I timed my return journey just right yesterday. I knew I wouldn't get back to my local Tesco in time for the knock down prices, so I stopped off at the Lincoln store on my way through. I must say it was a bit of a frantic search in an unfamiliar store, but woth it. I got my weeks veg for very little money. Mushrooms - two packs for 28p. Brussel sprouts - two packs for 40p. Spinach - one pack for 14p. Cauliflower/broccoli - two packs for 50p. So with a big bag of value carrots for 76p, soya milk, honey, grapes, bananas, peanut butter, tuna chunks, yoghurt, all for ten pounds, that's me done with shopping.

Now what was I doing while away? A lot of walking. I set myself a target of 60 miles over the four days. It's very flat in South Lincolnshire so easily achievable. Guess what.....I did it, yipeeeeee. 65.37 miles, I'm well chuffed with that. I used four coloured marker pens to mark the routes as I walked them, on the free map I printed off. I like to keep a record. Thurlby is a mile or two south of Bourne if anyone wants to see where I went. I won't do a day by day report in detail, because a lot of it was tramping across or round fields. I find it just as exhilerating though, as climbing a mountain. Just being out in the open and being able to see for miles across the landscape, with the odd church steeple marking the villages. I just love space, and me being a little dot amongst it all.

I stopped off on the way there, to call in and see a friend, my last boyfriend actually, I think I may have mentioned him before. He has a shop. It was great to see him, and catch up on a bit of chat. I still have a soft spot for him but we have both moved on. I will always remember the happy times we had, and will always be grateful to him for making me smile again after a previous disasterous relationship. Anyway, I arrived at the hostel at 1pm, and set off for my first walk. This little river runs through Bourne, it is surrounded by parkland, gardens, and people walking their dogs. The weeping willows looked beautiful along the bank, trailing their leaves in the water. As well as an abundance of ducks quacking about, these two black swans were enjoying basking in the sun.
The little stone bridge crosses the river to the road. I love the way they hang these planters along the railing, and fill them with pretty flowers.

Leaving Bourne on the main A15 , I crossed the fields to Dyke. All the vilages have their own distinctive sign. I wonder if this one will get a lick of paint soon?

The Wishing Well pub is in Dyke. There aren't many of these timbered buildings though, in this area. A lot of the pubs don't seem to open during the daytime.

Turn right just past the pub up a path to Moreton. This house appears on the right hand side. I can't find any info about it, but I can just picture myself as lady of the manor, sat on the terrace in period costume, with a butler in attendance serving drinks. Oh, one can dream :o)

Now which way, pick a path, ha ha.

This is St John the Babtist church in Morton. Sorry it's a bit lop sided, was I drunk from all those cocktails, ha ha.

And a door within a door. Like a secret entrance.

Leaving the village I crossed over the A15 and trekked through Hanthorpe. What is this I see on the other side of the hedge. From a distance it looks like a falcon preparing to swoop for it's prey. I got my camera out at the ready. Oh, bugger, ha ha, it's a kite, a bird scarer on a tall pole.

Off again across the fields to Edenham. It was difficult to get a good picture of the whole of St Michaels church, has a few trees surrounding it.

Monday is pink day, here is my route. I arrived back at 7.30pm. 13.81 miles.


  1. That`s a fair old treck. Well done, you! Love the pics. The manor house would really suit your style of living, lol.

  2. What a fab walk, no wonder you keep young!
    I loved the pic of the willows and the little door.

  3. Yet again, a lovely walk and lovely pictures. I feel so much better for that breath of fresh air!!

  4. Lovely photos and well done on all that walking!
    twiggy x

  5. hi
    i would love yo use one of your images in my local magazine - the Scene. it is the one with bridge and colourful flowers. please could you email me
    many thanks

  6. Heidi, if you come back here, I tried to send you an email but your address was not recognised. I have sent a message to Scene Publishing. Hope you get it.