Friday, 8 April 2011

Doing the rounds to save money.

I've come up with a brilliant idea, I'm going to paint my bike red! Why is that a brilliant idea? Well I reckon if it looks different from every other bike, and is customised to suit my personality, a bit whacky, a fun bike to ride, pretty pretty girly, then no one will want to pinch it. Ha ha, there is method in my madness.

I have contacted all my local friends by phone and text, and finally I have located half a tin of red gloss paint that Bob does not need. So thank you Bob for my freebie paint. I'll post the before and after pics so you can drool with envy. I can assure you that you will all want one.

Talking of before and after, take a look at the sidebar, I have found a great blog to read, called Better After. A very talented young lady transforms ordinary household objects into something special. Lots of ideas there, thank you Lindsey.

While I was out collecting the paint I called in a couple of places as I was passing, to make the journey worthwhile. It was only the other end of town so not so far. Three charity shops later and I purchased five small crochet hooks for £1, I've been looking for them for ages. Then I went a bit mad, my tummy was rumbling so I had a bag of chips from an award winning fish and chip shop, at a cost of £1.30. Well they were nice, and this is a rare treat for me to eat fried food. Good grief, I could have bought a whole bag of spuds for that, now I'm feeling annoyed for caving in.

Also, as I was passing Lidl, I thought I had better take a look at the shop that everyone seems to be raving about. I have to confess though that I didn't think the prices were very cheap. I did however manage to spend £8.16p, and the bulk of that was a case of Cider. Twelve cans for £6.99, which is cheaper than buying them in four packs. They will last me at least six weeks though, I drink very little alcohol, it's more of a treat for me.

I also bought two packets of seeds for 29p each, spinach and lettuce. I consider these an investment, hopefully they will save me loads of dosh. Finally I bought a bag of 10 good size onions,(1kg)for 59p, I love oniopns, they are very usefull for chopping up and adding to all kinds of dishes.

We have a newly refurbished Sainsbury's here, which happens to be just up the road from Lidl. They have almost doubled their floorspace, so it was worth a look in. They have been advertising the grand reopening with bargains galore. Well they might be bargains to some people but I can't see how DVD's, books, and CD's are a must have priority item to buy.

I spent £2.58 in there, on a big bag of Basics potatoes, Basics fruit scones, Basics custard powder, and own brand soya milk. I wanted some yoghurts but as they were more expensive than Tesco's I gave them a miss. I bought two tins of Basics rice pudding instead, so for 34p I have the equivelant of six pots of yoghurt. Simple. If something costs too much look for a just as good alternative. I could always open a cheap tin of fruit to add to the rice pud, and I have got the same as a Muller Rice, for a lot less.

Altogether I spent £13.04. The fridge is looking a bit bare, but I am determined to get my spending down a bit more by eating what I already have, so I can afford my Scotland trip. Bye the way, I have started a list at the bottom, of every penny I spend during April, if you haven't already noticed it. I don't need to itemise it, it's the total that's important.

I have just had a letter through from Severn Trent Water, remember when I said I had queried their bill. It seems a nice little windfall is coming my way. Why was I so thick that I hadn't noticed I was overpaying? It just goes to show that you really have to be on the ball. The bills get more complicated, years ago people paid everything without batting an eyelid, now everyone is out to diddle you and things get lost in the system. I'm sure there must be a lot of underpayments as well as over, no wonder the country is in a mess. Toodle pip, I'm off outside.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful 'before and after' site, so inspiring. Will be dipping into that one again.

  2. How about pair of wing mirrors attached to your bike Ilona. That would look really good!

  3. Cracking blog me dear, mind if I tag along awhile?

  4. Thanks me dear, don't mind if you do. I'll tag along with you.

    Now where can I get some wing mirrors....for nothing, ha ha.

  5. There might be a chance for wing mirrors if you join your local Freecycle site and advertise that you`re looking for some.

  6. Can't wait to see your bike when its finished.

    Seems like you are really motivated to get your Scotland trip paid for.

    sft x

  7. I love the Sainsbury basics range. The custard is a particular favorite. I have just taste tested the cheapest instant custard from Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsburys and that was my favorite. I am lucky to have all the big supermarkets within an easy bus ride so I cherry pick the best bargains from each of them.
    Looking forward to seeing the bike pics.

  8. what a brilliant idea painting your bike red. I like to hear about your shopping trips too. If you have nt been to Edinburgh you will LOVE it.
    I lived there for five years and still miss it. There used to be a store called Real Foods.....................amazing - I wonder if it is still there.
    I used to buy dried apricots from the Hunza Valley.......delish !

  9. Sainsbury's Basics is worth keeping an eye on. The fruit can be particularly good! We like the Mayonnaise too. Prices can fluctuate, so watch that too!

    Lidl is good, but as with any shop you need to look at what you are getting. Porridge Oats are a good price. I don't like the quality of their spuds, but a lot of their fruit and veg is very good and they often have offers on some nice cheese. Their bike stuff is decent quality and price. The German brands there are worth trying-much less nasty additives!!

  10. Sainsburys seem to have such a large basics range. I can recommend the Basics teabags - an absolute steal. I stockpile them so I never run out!

  11. Lidl offer waterproof bicycle panniers from time to time, with a roll over top and you can just fill them up and up and not bother to roll the top over! You'd need a bike rack though.

    Whilst you're at it you could do a fancy stripe job on the bike, in gold metal paint too.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  12. sheer brilliance to phone friends about the paint. we have loads of paint on hand and no way to unload it. Hubby did just repaint our bathroom in the same color used previously. Fortunate for me, I still like the color; fortunate for the budget, the leftovers from previous job were just enough for this one!

  13. I look forward to seeing the bike repainted. We have just had our water bill - its been increased by £3 per month, we can manage that x

  14. I enjoyes the link Ilona. I had a money saving idea actually, paint your boke a glow-in-the-dark paint and save on batteries for your bike lamps :-D

  15. I'm sure I sent you another post, with a link about a crochet bike cover! Really!

    Other pictures of bikes with flowers all over and stripes etc. That gave me the idea of crocheting a cover for the tube of my folding bike so I don't kick it with my feet when clambering aboard.

  16. I have huge success with Swiss Chard - I think it is also known as Silver Beet. Better than spinach to grow as it does nt bolt and does nt go to seed. I plant quite a big bed of it close together and eat it until the frost.

  17. Please, add to "My Moneysaving Ideas" - join Freecycle Group!