Sunday, 3 April 2011

Girl power

Why is there never a man around when you need one? Oh well, I'll have to get on with the job myself. This tree trunk needs to come out. You may remember my post about the snow killing off my yucca, well I'm not going to wait another ten years to see if it will sprout new growth. After about three hours of digging, pushing and shoving, sweating and puffing in the sunshine, there still isn't any sign of movement. It seems to have hundreds of long spidery legs coming from it's root, they are embedded into the lawn and take a lot of pulling out. I can't get them all out so I'll chop them off. Finally with a push from my boot, there is a big crack as the bottom part of the root breaks away. What's left in the ground will have to stay there, I aint digging no further down.

It's blooming heavy, put the wheelbarrow on it's side and roll it in. There's the top bit as well which I sawed off last week.

And now we have a new bush planted in it's place. This one was in a large pot by the front door, and needed to come out so it can continue to grow. I shall keep it trimmed down to a reasonable height.

A little film of three kitties. The black one is called Garcia and lives a few doors away, though he spends most of his time here. So, the stars of the show this time are Bugsy, Garcia, and Lilly, in that order.


  1. Lilly knows how to pose! Cats do tend to head straight for you; "I'm so gorgeous, I must look even better in close up!"
    I wouldn't have the strength to do that digging you did today, but then you're about 1,000 times fitter than me. I have to get my DH to do that (blessed as I am to have him0, although I have to keep a close eye or he'd have every thing hacked back to ground level.

  2. You can't get enough of cats! This morning with my conservatory door open, there were 3 cats in there - Harry, the Bengal belonging to my friend, Marmite, our 'spare' cat and my Merlin, a Siamese. That's very unusual, the Bengal has never been in before.

    I've got a Quince bush down the side of my house, which was in the garden before the conservatory was built and I can't seem to get rid of that.

  3. Oh I love these little videos of your gorgeous cats♥♥ Beautiful daffs:) xxx

  4. I just love watching your Video of the Cat's,lovely!!!

  5. Job well done. Yuccas are like weeds. Once they are established they can truely be difficult to remove. I`m a bit worried about the other bush. Those types are prone to die off when replanted somewhere. Watch for browning of the foliage. That`s a sign of trouble.

  6. we have had a few of those type of plants.
    A pick axe is a really good tool for getting results in those circumstances, they even work on blackberry bramble roots.

  7. I did smile when i read this. I dismantled an old shed last week and my Mum said "But that's a MAN'S job...." LOL
    Love the cats, how cute they are.