Thursday, 28 April 2011

I am a Super Scrimper

Well I have just watched myself, looks as though I haven't brushed my hair, but that's how I always look. I should have worn something with bolder colours but was told not to weat stripes or spots, and I have a lot of stripey tops. That's the pants thing over and done with then, think I shall always be remembered for my pants, ha ha, but I'll say it again, boys pants last a lot longer than womens knicks.

With the juice clip, I wasn't allowed to say the juice was out of date, January 2011, which makes it a lot cheaper at 50p a carton. Diluted, that's a lot of drinks for 50p. If I want a warm drink, I pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Good to see Euen from Wales on there, with his candle making, another Tightest Person contestant. And lovely to see the young lady, having different ages take part makes it more appealing to a wider audience.

The programme is getting better week by week. I think it would be a good idea to continue this series indefintately, because there is a need. We have to remember that not everybody has the required skills needed to live within their means, as it has been shown. In fact all this should be taught in schools, the youngsters would benefit by being guided by the more experienced, to put them on the right path for a good life.

There will probably be more clips from me in the next programmes, because they filmed such a lot, three more to go I think. I'm sorry my overseas readers cannot access it, as Joyfull pointed out, it probably has something to do with a licence agreement. Youtube is not global, there are restrictions. I don't know how to get round that, there will be some coding in there to prevent distribution. Perhaps one day we will not be allowed to view TV programmes in this country without some kind of licence, though I don't know how they could implement that. Hopefully it won't happen yet and I can still view online for a few more years for the price of broadband.


  1. Congratulations Ilona! Look forward to more tips over the weeks.

  2. As you say the programme IS getting better week by week. I think us 'oldies' think everyone should know a lot of these tips, but we forget our Mums taught us a lot of what we know and we have gained wisdom over the years.

    Some of todays youngtsters haven't grown up in frugal households, they have been part of the 'want it, get it' generation, who's parents bought them everything they asked for on credit with no thought for the future.

    Well now it's payback time and everyone is having to tighten their belts but this younger generation just does not know how to. So although some of these programmes start out very basic it's what a lot of folk need.

    Loved your bits, (and I guessed there would be something else 'cheap' about your juice!!).

    Sue xx

  3. Loved your bits Ilona, nice to see someone who really knows how to make do and save the pennies.

    Wish they'd choose families though that were really struggling to make ends meet and help them to make their money go round instead of those who in the scheme of things have so much but are wasting it on such senseless things. Have last nights couple even thought not just of the cost of the wedding to themselves but also the expense to all their relatives of getting there etc! Or maybe they did but I missed it because I tend to tune out at the bit with the family in or else I end up shouting rude remarks at the TV.

  4. You were great, Ilona - very warm!

  5. I thought the juice must have been out of date as its expensive otherwise. Phew!

  6. I can listen to BBC radio but cannot access any tv from the U.K. I think it will become available eventually though. We dont have any programmes like that except the ridiculous coupon show but we may have one soon.
    When you say you were boys pants do you mean Y Fronts or boxer shorts.
    I tried on a pair of Y fronts once - they were very uncomfortable due to the cut designed to accommodate anatomy that I dont possess.

  7. Just finished watching the programme on BBC iPlayer. Congrats on your appearances, you came over as yourself - natural, warm and fun. Looking forward to the rest of your tips and I liked the top you had on!

    Also nice to see the young student, certainly broadens the appeal of the programme.

    Linda xx

  8. Lizzie, they are not Y Fronts, they don't have an opening, just a slight excess of fabric to accommodate any bits. I don't think 13 year old boys are that well developed, not that I have ever looked, ha ha.

  9. that will be your next programme they will have you going to peoples houses to show them how to budget.

  10. I have just watched it! I cannot believe how much money that couple who wanted to marry were wasting - amazing! I agree with the person a few comments above who would like to see a family genuinely struggling helped rather than these daft people with no sense!

    It looks like you are one of the 'army of super scrimpers' and I think they will perhaps show more clips of you in the next few episodes!

    By the way, I think your hair looks fine!

  11. I agree about that couple. I would have thought the items to be saved on were pretty obvious - hey, who would take taxis there and back when a bus goes past the door? Also, Spa shops are notoriously expensive, bar occasional special offers.

    The amount of money spent on childrens clothes is totally brainless. Do they not realise they are NOT celebrities with incomes to match?

    The amount of money people today spend on weddings is utterly ridiculous, far better to spend on either putting down on a house or paying some of their mortgage off. After all, they've been together for a few years - and why bother anyway?


  12. A lot of people who are on a good income but still struggle to make ends meet, have not had the advantage of being brought up by parents who know what it means to survive on very little. Children learn from their parents, says she who hasn't had any. Kids say 'I want', parents buy to keep them happy, BIG mistake. Kids think they can have everything, just hand over the plastic, and this carries on into adult life. They see others with new stuff and want the same.

    Then the recession happens, redundancies, firms cutting back and closing down, no jobs, no money. And people are completely lost.

    I can understand how it happens, and why there is very little sympathy when rich people fall on hard times. I also find it difficult to feel sorry for people who sit in big houses with flash 4by4's sitting in the driveway, servicing masses of debt. They didn't have the education that some of us had from scrimping parents, but boy do they need it now.

    People like me who never had much money are now in a better position than those who have had it and lost it. So all those years where I was envious of my friends who had more than me, now no longer exist. I am envious of no one.

  13. Yay just watched it!
    RE the boys pants, how large do they come up in the waist for a 13 year old size? You look lovely and slim but my hips are 37 inches,I wonder if some of us would need adult sizes.

  14. Ilona I think you should be featured much more on the show, a lot of what the others were doing didn't seem more than plain common sense really. And I cannot believe how much some of the families were spending on luxury items every day and thinking it was normal! Now I need to find a way of persuading the boys to move out so I can rent their rooms out to lodgers LOL

  15. Watched the programme last night on catch up. Seriously thinking about going down the boys pants route myself - my last lot of knickers lasted no time and are all hanging off the elastic! Will have to be mens pants for me though - I'll never fit into boys ones! I have worn pants belonging to boyfriends before and found them very comfy.