Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mooching in town

Hiya, Back for another free thirty minutes, and I have come on the bus today for free, so just enough time to do this before I get the 4.15pm back. Someone asked which hostel I stayed in last week, it was Thurlby, near Bourne in Lincolnshire. I have some photo's to put on as soon as my computer is fixed at home.

I've just taken another bag into the Arts Centre, it's a bit quiet in there, and non have sold in the last week. This latest one is lovely, dark blue and red, embelished with drinks cans. I'll put some photo's on soon.

I treat my computer as if it was another person in the house. Throughout the day I stop what I am doing periodically to have a quick check up and see what everyone else is doing. I add a few comments to various blogs and forums, it's like having conversations with people, like I am talking to you now. I don't know whether it is a good thing or not to rely so much on a computer, I suppose you could lose touch with reality if it became an obsession. I hope I'm not losing my face to face comunication skills.

Yesterday I took six books home with me from the library, I'm like a kid with new toys, can't wait to get my nose into them. Today, I've had a mooch round the charity shops, spent 69p. Also got my eggs from Home Bargains, 79p, cheaper than anywhere else. Anyway, must go, don't want to miss the bus, I need to put my spuds in when I get home. Toodle pip.


  1. Anytime you're looking for someone to have a chunter at then come and natter to me here: http://rattlebox-rcfairy.blogspot.com/
    and don't forget that one of those Art's Centre bags is MINE :O))

  2. I'm just the same when I'm home in the afternoons! I usually leave the computer running and keeping checking back, even though not very much happends throughout the afternoon!
    I do feel like I'm missing things when I'm then away from the computer all day!!

    My computer has broken too - I'm on a borrowed laptop and I miss having all my photos and documents to hand! I'm using a tiny netbook while I save for a desktop computer and last week I spilled water over the keyboard and it won't type anymore :(

  3. I love getting books home too. I also jump about from blog to blog. I don't have one as you know. In the evening when OH is watching sci fi rubbish, I come upstairs and watch something on catch up and then look at a blog or two.

  4. Goodness I know how you feel. I spent a ridiculous amount of time online blogging, reading blogs, discovering new blogs, posting on forums, chatting to friends on msn, facebook, twitter - when the laptop is ill I pine for it like a puppy!! It's just striking a healthy balance I guess, isn't it? I can't stand watching tv all the time and my OH loves it - so I go online and he watches tv - and we're both happy and in the same room! He also works night shifts so this keeps me sane! Can't wait to see the new bag!! Hope your pc is better soon!

  5. I'm guilty of having my computer on all day when I am at home:( I am trying to limit myself though:) xxx

  6. Ilona, just had to say hi. I am Larmy off MSE. We exchanged about the Scrimpers programme.

    You were so right about boys pants! I picked up two (brand new) pairs in the Chazza shop (too small for my son) so I put them on and they are actually quite flattering, being boxers. Shame about the little pouch in the front, but I'll get over it.

    Love your blog. I am so envious. I thought I would be retiring at 60 but now have to wait till 66 by which time they will have put it up even more no doubt.


  7. Nothing like a pile of new books to read to make you forget about the computer...though I'm lost when mine needs repair...do you listen to audio books? great for when you're sitting stitching...

  8. I just love the library, I get quite worried when they talk about closing them.
    Just like you I love to get them home and settle down for a good browse.

  9. We use the library to read the newspapers, both the daily's and our local weekly ones. Have never used the 'puters there as we have several at home as DH is a programmer and an IT teacher so there's always one available, but lots of people do.