Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A bit mad at the moment

Just a quickie today, I am soooo busy. People wanting me to do this and do that, I'm much in demand. I am getting ready for a Meanqueen talk tonight, a retired nurses group, at the hospital. I've had an email from Lara King at BBC Radio Humberside, can I go in tomorrow morning and do a chat thingy with her. Yes, why not, I haven't been on for ages, might as well. Dogs to look after, kittens and cats to look after, garden to water, phew, I shall be glad of the rest next week.

A local walk this morning, looking out over the fishing pond at the bottom of the hill. The wind rippling the water.

A bit further on, Lady admiring the view across the River Trent.

Kittens have a new mousey toy, they love it. Four fluffy mice on springs. They are dashing around like loonies now, very playfull.

Still working on the bike panniers. Just need to think of a way to fix them to the frame so they can be lifted on and off. They need some decoration as well, I thought yellow flowers to match the mudguard.

Think I'll keep my bike parked in the living room, there's plenty of room for it, ha ha.

Must go, got to eat before I go out. Toodle pip.

Nearly forgot, Super Scrimpers tonight. 8.30pm Channel 4


  1. That's the price of fame!

  2. Could you attach some velcro straps to the bottom of the panniers to wrap them around the bike frame? Then it's just a case of unscatch (made up word) the velcro and then remove.

    KB xx

  3. Or those stretchy things with hook on the end. The name escapes me at the moment. It's been a long day!

  4. Did I miss the photo of your bike painted Ilona?

    Sft x

  5. Will be watching Super Scrimpers tonight - thought your bit last week was good

  6. lovely grey, bunjee straps!
    A housetrained bike, very good! (we have a few like that!!)

  7. Hiya...just managed to sit down and watch super scrimpers for the first time...I must say its a breath of fresh air to actually hear ways to save money in a society which is very much dictated by people spending money...and you cleared up an argument with hubby! I go to bed with my clothes still on it I want to stay warm! hubby thought I was mad..but now hes seen you say/do the same thing on the telly he understands me a bit more now! so thankyou :0) keep smiling xxxx

  8. Just saw SS earlier, well done. Did I hear Miss Moneypenny say she spends £22 on a nail treatment - thats not very frugal ?? Maybe I misheard.

  9. Oh you are very busy! What a shame I will have to wait to see super scrimpers...


  10. I was going to say bungee straps and you could attach flowers to them too.

    My very frugal friend came to visit from Newcastle, on her folding bike/train and was going to get the bus to Burnley today to stay with other friends then go off somewhere else (free bus pass). We watched SS together and we had a laugh at you getting into bed with all your clothes on.

    I want those kittens! Can't have them of course but love them.

    She was laughing at the saving on nail costs, as we didn't do it in the first place, so nothing to save there. Still food for thought for those youngsters so spend loads of money every month.

    Is there anything on the inside of the panniers to attach strong round elastic cording, to form a loop to hooks on the pannier rack?

  11. It makes me wonder what kind of upbringing young people have nowadays where they think it is the 'norm' to spend £150 pw on clothes,mags,dvds & takeaways. It is incredible that by not buying these things they can SAVE that amount each week. They spend more on throwaway items then I earn each week !! Moan over :-)