Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Bransby Horses

Bransby Home of Rest for Horses has been one of my favourite charities for a few years now, and I like to make a donation around this time. When it was my 6oth birthday I had a party and asked that guests did not bring a gift, but if they would like to they could make a donation and I would pass it on to the horses. Last year I adopted a horse, Craigie Boy, an ex racehorse, and this year I thought it would be nice to visit on their open day and make my donation in person, so today I have had a lovely afternoon out.

Bransby is midway between Gainsborough and Lincoln, not too far away, it's a pleasant drive through lovely countryside. I used to come to their open days a lot as a stall holder when I had 'Mr Puss', my business. I sold fancy goods and giftware with a cat theme. I always did very well here, the staff and volunteers are fantastic and do a wonderful job.

There has been a lot of changes, they have more fields, and new buildings, so they can care for a lot more horses. The place was very busy today, they used to get a thousand cars on an open day, now they get three thousand. This is a much loved charity because you can see what they spend the money on, and all the money they receive stays here.

Some of the horses are walked around the ring and a brief history of them is read out by the commentator. There are horses of all sizes. They bring them to the fence so you can meet and greet them.

Then they take them back to the fields.

Some of the horses in the stables had been dressed up and they had a competition to pick the best one. I love the way this horses mane has been tied with elastic bands to make a lattice effect.

Look at this pretty girl. She didn't want to come too close.

And here's a group of boys taking their afternoon siesta.

They all had their details displayed, where thay came from, how long they had been there, etc. Tiger Lilly loved being petted by the children.

You could buy all your Bransby goodies here.

The courtyard was full of shops, and tables and chairs to sit down

There was stalls selling all sorts of nicknacks. There was fairground rides, fast food, hook a duck, hot donuts, and other charities fundraising for themselves.

And craft stalls. These pegged rugs on the left of this picture had a price of £60 each. A bit pricey I thought, I'm not surprised no one was buying.

There is another open day on Sunday 25th of September, it's a great day out if you are near enough to travel. The web site is


  1. What beautiful horses and such a worthwhile charity.

    Sft x

  2. A very worthwhile charity. It's nice that you get to go and see the horses you are helping with your donations!

  3. Lovely to see the Bransby horses and ponies looking so well and very contented.

  4. What a wonderful Charity to support♥ The horses look so well looked after, happy and content:) xx

  5. Do you have a photo of craigie boy? x

  6. I like to give to charities where I can see the results - this looks like an especially good one.


  7. Lovely. How nice to see horses and ponies rehabilitated and looking well and happy.
    Interesting about the rag rugs. I have been told that they are on sale for £120 elsewhere. Mine took me about 60 hours to make, so I don't think £60 is expensive.
    Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great charity! It's wonderful to see the horses looking happy and healthy. Pity I live so far North, otherwise I'd take the boys to visit. I'm sure they'd love it.