Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi viz on the roads

I thought I would give the panniers a test drive today so I went to town on my hippy bike. The yellow flowers on the panniers match those on the front mudguard, and I put some blue and gold stripes round the bars with tape. Don't she look purdy. I have colour coordinated myself to match, ha ha.

I had only been pedalling for ten minutes when I felt the need for a widdle. I'd forgotten how uncomfortable saddles can be on a skinny bum, wish I had a bit more padding.

When I arrived at the Arts Centre I fastened it to the railing with my pink cycle locks, right outside the entrance where the lady on reception could watch it for me. There is a new exhibition on which I wanted to see.

Our Netto in town has been turned into an Asda store so I went along to see if they had any bargains. Alas not, in fact I thought the prices were higher than Tesco. It might be worth a look in from time to time for the odd special offer, but I wont be making it my main shopping store.

I took the scenic route back along country lanes, it was quite pleasant in the sunshine. But my goodness my poor bottom is not used to this pummelling, and I didn't even go off road. I think I might need to stick a bit of padding down my pants, a babies nappy perhaps ;O)


  1. Invest in some real cycling shorts!
    They come with proper padding, and whatever you do DON'T wear knickers'll be even more sore!!
    If you're not keen on lycra you can always wear your other shorts on top!!
    Lidl or Aldi do some reasonable ones, but tbh it is worth spending £30 to look after one's situpon :D

  2. Ilona, if I see any in the saddlebag sale (like car boot only with bike stuff) at York Rally I'll get them for you, they'll be cheap. You are slimmer than me so I'll get some that won't fit me! Can't have you with a sore bum.

    I don't wear cycle shorts on their own nowadays, even though I'm not fat, legs change shape and I'm not sure I like them as much as I used to do, so I often wear them under those loose knee pants.

  3. Haha! I've got plenty of padding -wish I could send you some. You'd just have to move some from the thighs to the bum!! Maa.

  4. gz is dead right.

    You just have to get over how peculiar cycling shorts feel when you're off the bike. :/

    Nowadays, there are also gender specific saddles too that cater for the different anatomies of men and women.

    Stay comfy...

  5. Great job on the bike, love the flowers.

  6. You and the bike look fabulous, I too would recommend proper cycling shorts or go for the ladies seat, which reminds me, women used to ride side-saddle on a horse which would look very odd if you tried it on a bike.

  7. Oh dear I'm so behind catching up with your posts:( I love your bike and panniers, so bright and cheerful:) Just a quick question about helmets, do you have to wear one by law in the UK? We do here and can receive a fine for not wearing one. Linda xx

  8. Hi Linda, No we are not required by law to wear a helmet here, it's personal choice. I am in two minds about this one, I think it is a drivers responsibility not to run into me, not for me to protect myself from idiot drivers. On the other hand I suppose I could fall off, and a helmet might be usefull there, but I try my best not to fall off.

    It's not too busy round here on the roads. If I was riding in a city I might go for full body armour ;o) I expect people to disagree with me here, helmet or no helmet, personal choice.

    I had the seat changed when I bought the bike new, so it is not one of those chappie saddles which is like sitting on a knife edge, ha ha. The one I have is not an expensive one, it's broader but not super duper soft and comfy. I don't fancy the idea of walking around with a wad of packing on my bum, I think pro cyclists look dead peculiar with their spindly legs and fat arse, ha ha.

  9. Ilona, if you continue to cycle without the proper pants you'll have no labia left! If you can't face the idea of walking round in cycling shorts when you get off your bike then take a cotton skirt with you to slip on over the shorts - or wear it over the shorts all the time.
    Labia don't grow back and just THINK of the pain if you rub them to a frayed frazzle! :O)


    PS Do you knw of a fix for this commenting problem?

  10. I do try not to preach. But ...

    A small, tough twig stuck in the front wheel spokes of my bike a couple of years ago. That brought the bike to an abrupt halt and sent me flying over the handlebars leaving me with a nasty cut to the head. I count myself as lucky because it could have been much worse as I wasn't wearing a helmet. I have worn one ever since (when on the bike!). There are plenty of relatively cheap ones about, they're lightweight and who cares if they make you look a bit silly.

    Regarding a more comfortable saddle. I'm sure you can improve on this:


  11. Ilona you could wear a pair of padded cycle short under the shorts you're wearing now.

    It's funny, none of us ever wore cycle shorts years ago when I was a kid and even when older. The only time you wore them was for racing. Now it seems de regeur to have them. Perhaps it is because all these so called comfortable padded saddles are not comfortable at all. Don't have one too padded or too wide. Looking like you're sitting on a sofa, I went for a day ride when staying with a friend and I was so saddle sore.

    I've just had an idea! Have you any old sheepskin mittens Ilona? I actually made a saddle cover years ago out of sheepskin, joining it where you didn't sit. Then I made holes and threaded a shoelace around, keeping it on the saddle. Sadly it was nicked at ASDA once. That will give you a bit of padding if you don't want to do the cycle short bit. Cover it when it's raining though.

  12. Wearing a helmet is a good idea. My boss fell off his bike going round a corner and the helmet saved his life. As for padded shorts I have those and my bum is still numb after a bike ride.

  13. You've done a lovely job on the bike. I'm looking out for one as I'd like to start cycling for short journeys. I'm hoping I won't get too saddle sore as I have plenty of natural padding :)

  14. It's not the 'padded' bits of you that suffer, it's the unpadded bits of the undercarriage!

  15. Great to see the bike in its full glory.

    Sft x

  16. Take it from me, I cycled for years, the more you cycle the less your bum will hurt, just grin and bear it for a bit and it will go away.
    Only thing is that if you don't cycle in the winter you'll have to go through it all again. lol

  17. you can get shorts with gel between the padding and the lycra- can't say I'm keen on them. However the cycling mitts with gel padding are ok.

  18. So I've got to cycle through the pain then :o( Or I could make myself a padded seat cover, thank you for that idea Campfire.

  19. I have only just found out that if you keep your asda receipt and when home go onto asda's web page and tap in your receipt number on the 'compare price' page you can make some savings. How it works is if stuff you purchased at asda can be found cheaper elsewhere, asda will refund the difference by printing you a 'money back' coupon which you take with you when you next go shopping. We must do our shopping on the cheap as our refunds were not that huge but a work colleague manages to get refunded about 120.00 pounds over the course of last year (sorry no pound sign on my keyboard!)
    worth a try. And as for saddle sores - I have a sit up and beg bike and refuse to wear cycling shorts - I managed to find a lovely soft padded saddle off freegle (freecycle) and it is like sitting on a sofa! bliss!

  20. I find the narrower saddles are actually better on a bony behind as they let just your derrier muscles rest on them without trying to pinch you.

  21. Very snazzy bike, you've done a great job customising it. I'd get a helmet to be on the safe side. Was up in A&E recently with son and, a cyclist came in who had been hit by a car as it pulled out of a junction and didn't see him. He had a bad concussion, despite wearing a helmet but it could have been a lot worse. Take care. x

  22. Ilona, invest in a gel saddle cover. I had one for years. I payed £12 and never regreted spending this money!!