Thursday, 12 July 2012

Used a bit more lecky today

Well knock me down with a feather, we've had a rain free day today, and it's been quite warm. At last I have been able to do some tidying in the garden. I have a confession to make though, remember the Leylandi hedge I cut with a pair of shears, well this time I did it the easy way, I borrowed Barry's electric trimmer. So not very frugal I'm afraid, I have no idea how much electricity they use, eeeek!

But it was very quick. Blimey aren't these things heavy, it weighed a ton, I had to keep stopping to give my shoulders a rest. While I had it I thought I might as well trim all the hedges all around the garden. In fact I went a bit mad, slashing away, it was great fun. Afterwards the boring bit of picking up all the foliage. I couldn't get it all in the brown bin so I'll make a trip to the council dump tomorrow, I have some other stuff to get rid of, might as well go with a full load.

I ran the mower over the lawn as it was in desperate need of a cut. Looks all nice and hunkydory now. Just got to take the top off the lilac bush now, it's growing far too high. Might do that job tomorrow if we get another nice day. Toodle pip.


  1. Such energy! I like the feeling of tasks completed and the garden looking lovely. good on you.

  2. Bought my husband one of those hedge trimmers for his birthday - he looked very disappointed and said "when do you want me to start?"....I thought I was taking some work out of it for him. Never happy! Weeds galore in our garden, can't keep ontop so I'm not bothered. Veggies are rotting so it will be nettle stew in our house. :(

  3. You go girl! Sounds like you are bubbling over with energy. Doesn't it feel good when all the yard work is none and everything looks so nice and neat. You may have used a little electricity but look at all the time you saved . . . now you can lay in the hammock. Have a great weekend. Connie :)

  4. Those things always look so frightening. Luckily I have no need of one.

  5. Your friend's hedge trimmer will use about half a kilowatt per hour when in use (depends on the model - wattage will be on it) - so if you used it for about 2 hours, half of which it was not actually cutting, you will have used one kilowatt - depends on your tariff but it will have cost just a few pence.

  6. Don't know about hedge trimmers...we have chain saw, if I pick it up it pulls me over.
    Jane x

  7. The time it saves might be worth a few pennies. I love to use my loppers, manual ones. Hedges are best left natural for me. However, I go nuts when I use the loppers on things to prune. I hate picking trimmings up! A boyfriend once said, "What is it with women and loppers? You, my mother, and my daughter lop all day and leave everything for me to pick up." Ummm, yes, that'a right.

    Those electric things look scary and heavy. I am not sure I could run it and control it.

    After five weeks (I think) with no rain, it has rained for 24 hours and we have another week of this in the forecast.

  8. I don't think one of the cloned husbands would have been much use, but he could have whipped you up a nice cake while you were sweating away outside LOL (well that's how it works in our house!).


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