Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Reading travel books and checking maps

Aye up me ducks, when is this chuffin weather going to sort itself out, I want to go camping but I'm not going to risk putting a tent up knowing there is a possibility I might get swept away. So for now I can only dream about it.

I had a few places to go in town so I took a free bus ride today. The 9.30am was packed, seems everyone else had the same idea. I normally go all the way to the Bus Station, but today I hopped off early at the top of the High Street. I had a look in Lidl to check out a few prices, just in case there was anything ridiculously cheap that I couldn't live without. I know how much I pay for my regular items, I thought Lidl might have been able to better them. Wrong, couldn't find anything. Oh, there was something, 3kg bag of onions for £2, that was a good buy, but too heavy to lug around town. I eat lots of onions, they are good for you.

I had seen a charity shop from the bus window, I hadn't been in before, it's called 'The Well'. It's like a community shop with a cafe. Worth a look I thought, maybe they had a shopping trolley. Nope they didn't, but I found this very usefull book. Three hundred pages with lots of colour photo's, and info about almost every place in Britain. A bargain for £1. I can read this sort of book forever.

Talking of £1, I went in Poundland and bought a pack of four light bulbs for £1. I have two lamps with a screw fitting. Nobody seems to give these sort away free like they did with the baynet fittings, so I have to buy them. Still, £1 is not too bad, I can afford that, ha ha.

I had an embarrassing moment in the Asian shop, popped in while I was passing. They were having a refit and the shop was half empty. I like to browse because you can find some bargains at these kind of shops. It's always a good idea to pick up cheap food for the store cupboard. I found some packets of walnuts and cashew nuts, my teeth can cope with these as they are a bit softer than brazil nuts or almonds. Not a bad price I thought as I got £3 out of my purse at the cash desk. £6.99 the man said. Me red faced said, 'oh sorry, I was confused with the price ticket on the shelf, sorry, I can't afford it'. Quickly exit the shop. Oooops.

Eggs were also on my list. I got six free range from Poundland, for erm...£1. Then I went in Home Bargains and theirs were 99p, bugger, so I bought six more. I need to eat more protein anyway. I also treated myself to a bag of prawn flavoured Golden Wonder crisps for 20p. They always have cheap crisps in there.

I went in the bank to withdraw some spondulicks, and check my balance. Looking good I thought, surprising how it creeps up when you aren't spending much. Musn't get complacent though, this money is my emergency fund. It's for the cats in case they get sick, it's savings towards a new car in 2 or 3 years time, and it's for any other emergency that might crop up. Oh, and there is a bit earmarked for travel as well. I don't squirrel my cash away in different places for different things, it's all in the one pot. I know what it's for, and I am not tempted to fritter it away on anything else. I've got a will of steel, there's no budging me, ha ha.

Next stop before the bus back was the library. Quick flit through the Daily Papers, pity I haven't got more time really as I could sit there all day reading. Never mind, I want to get the 12.30 bus back so I'd better get what I went in for. They have a good selection of Ordnance Survey maps, and I need these to plan my next trip.

And pray where are you going, I hear you say :o) Well this time me hearty's, I'm going south. I'm off to a party somewhere near Bognor, at the end of this month. The route I plan to take is Lincoln, Newark, Leicester, onto the M1, exit Northampton, A43, M40, Oxford, Newbury. May go to Southampton and across to Portsmouth and Bognor, or may cut across to Basingstoke and Petersfield from Newbury. If anyone is on or near that route, email me and I might be able to pop in for a cuppa. I need to be near Bognor on the Saturday, so plenty of time to bimble.

This is a snap I took this morning. Five little faces looking longingly out of the window at me. They are now able to get up onto the window ledge from the cupboard, in fact there isn't anywhere in the room that they can't climb onto. Some of the shelving is seven feet off the ground, and one cupboard is almost as high as the ceiling, but they find a way up there. Someone emailed us about adopting one of them, we emailed a reply, but we haven't heard back. Someone else was going to come and have a look, then rang and cancelled. So the kitties are still waiting. But not to worry, they are better off here rather than roaming loose in the streets.


  1. If the party is whose I think it is...give him a big hug from me....if he reads this at least he will be expecting it!!
    Jane x

  2. Ha , yes of course, the party. Give the birthday boy a hug from me too. Don't fall for his chat up lines. What a smoothie !!!

  3. Oh a mystery man!!!!
    We were near Bognor on Sunday, stayed in a nice hotel in Felpham and walked along the seafront past Butlins (more like Butlitz with all the fencing around it, to stop the residents escaping???) and onto what is left of the pier. Thought Bognor itself a bit down at heel but at least the sun was shining!
    If you're going anywhere near us you are welcome to pop in and I'll have the kettle on :0)

  4. The kittens are so pretty and appealing, I bet lots of people on here would love them if they had room!

    Your next trip sounds great. It's such a shame, in a second hand shop near me there is one of those four wheeled trolleys, it would cost a fortune to post. I do have a small spare trolley but it wouldn't fit camping gear in. I bought it to take off the bag to put on my bike trailer, which hasn't happened yet as I can't find a secure way to attach it.

  5. Hey a party! I'm having a party, and I live not too far from Bognor. What a small world.
    Wish I could have one of the kittens But Bonnie wouldn't like it. That one second from the left looks so like Hitler!

  6. How marvellous to be able to just jump on a free bus! Have your self a great time on your next jaunt.

  7. Did you ever think of selling your photos to places like Stockphoto? They are so good you could bring in and extra bit or more than a bit of money. Just google "sell photos pictures on the internet." There are several places with different rules. You could find a place to suit you.

  8. Love the pictures of the kittys someone is bound to adopt them soon they are lovely. I like touring around and browsing xharity shops. I head straight to the baby things lately I'm obsessed Im only 18 weeks preggers and got most of stuff already. Too much time on hands I think.

  9. Hi PP. No I don't think of selling my pictures. I think to make a lot of money out of it you need to be an excellent photographer and be able to churn out thousands of good quality photographs. I have a few nice ones. Besides I am not into making money.

  10. Wow, the trip sounds great. Getting excited already hehe.


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