Thursday, 29 November 2012

The lovely Ilona

Hi, Just poppin in. Have a look at this lovely blog, and this lovely lady, Ilona.
Advanced Style is all about fashionable ladies of a certain age who enjoy looking smart and are often quirky. They all have their own wonderful individual style. Could teach us young 'ums a thing or two. Click on the video.

Catch you later.


  1. WOW loving those eyelashes! what a darling she is.

    I thought to start with, it was going to be you, modelling one of your new outfits LOL

  2. There was me thinking it was you. I love her eye lashes my 13 year old daughter has some red ones just like them.


  3. I read that yesterday and thought of you. Obviously...

  4. My sister sent me a link to his site earlier this year, I was enthralled with these amazing and beautiful ladies. I purchased the book for my sister but unfortunately it's a very heavy book and needs to be hand delivered by me:) You would make a great candidate Ilona, when you are old enough (ha ha).