Monday, 5 May 2014

Day 5. Burneston to Leyburn.

Hi. I've had an easy day today, as promised. I lingered a little, sat down a few times, ate and drank a bit more, and not walked so far, only 15.85 miles. I am relaxing on a comfy bed in a very swish and lovely B & B in Leyburn. I like this town, having made many deliveries here years ago when I was driving a cement tanker. It's nice to come back and have a look around. 
After breakfast I said farewell to Keith and Lesley, they haven't got much longer here before they move on to another pub. They work for a Holding Company which takes them all over the place, when pubs are advertised for sale and are awaiting a new buyer. They take over temporarily to keep the pub open until it is handed over. I don't think they want to leave this one as they have fitted in nicely with the local community. 
Little Barney watching me leave. He is gorgeous.
Here I am arriving in Bedale. It's got a very wide main street with a cobbled parking area on both sides. There was a small Tesco store so I stocked up on food, even found some chocolate muffins on a yellow sticker, only 50p.

I had a little wander around and found that they are running old fashioned trains today. Not steam but old diesels. I rushed to the station thinking I might have a ride on one. There was one due in a couple of minutes, it costs £12 a ticket. A bit too much really, but when I asked how long was the trip, they said two hours, I thought that price is ok, but I haven't got time to sit for 2 hours on a train, so I didn't go.

Goodbye train I won't be coming this time. 
The church was open today, and there was a craft fair on in the church hall next door.

I had dawdled enough I went on my way. I need to go east but don't want to walk on the main A684 so I chose paths and some minor roads. I emerged from a footpath into Great Crakenhall village. and found a beautiful place. Lots of cottages like this.

A river running through, with a stone bridge.

And a weir.
A big Hall across the green.

And a little church.

The route I took followed the railway line and and every so often I heard the toot of the train horn as it went over the crossings. I walked along the edges of fields a lot today, and at one point I should have gone into a field of  black cows. They looked a bit too lively for my liking, charging about, so I decided to go off the designated path and walk through a farm to get to the road. I didn't want to take a chance with the cows. There was a short stretch of woodland that I had to go through as well. Steps down to a rickety stone bridge.

For those who are following me on the map my walk, today took me through Exelby, Bedale, Great Crakehall, Newton le Willows, Finghall, Harmby, and Leyburn. I did ring a place to ask for a bed, but they had an answer machine on. I could have stopped at a farm before I got to Leyburn, but I wanted to get that bit further knowing that I have about 16 miles to do tomorrow to  Hawes. No more dizzy's today, I feel fine. The feet are holding out, a little bit sore but I can put up with it. The funny thing is that when I am walking the feet don't hurt so much, but when I stop it's hard to get started again. It's easier to just keep walking.

Anyway, this is my lovely bed for tonight. I'm going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate and watch a bit of tele. The signal for my dongle is nil tonight, but luckily they have got free wifi.

I reckon I've done about 93 miles now. I'll catch you tomorrow, hopefully. Toodle pip.


  1. Glad you are feeling better and taking it a little easier today. Your bed looks very comfortable.

  2. What a lovely day and so glad you are feeling OK.
    I was glad to see your post, I was getting a bit worried as it is late in the evening.
    Take care of yourself.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  3. Well done. Lovely pics.Take a lovely rest now.

  4. Whew! So glad to hear you're feeling muchly better today! Was a bit worried. Keep upping the fluid intake. Gotta keep those electrolytes up.

    I love the pic's you post. They are beautiful!
    Thanks for taking us along.

    Jake's a Girl

  5. From Margie in Toronto - What lovely photos - those villages are just gorgeous. Glad to hear that you took it a bit easier today and enjoyed yourself even though your feet hurt a bit.

  6. Mary in Perth Australia6 May 2014 at 02:16

    That looks so cosy. You seem to find such lovely people and delightful places. Thanks for going to so much trouble to take us along with you. Glad you are taking it a bit easier. Off to look at the map. Sleep tight.

  7. So pleased you feeling better. Beautiful pics again. Laura.

  8. I don't know which is my favourite picture from today. Think it will have to be Barney (crazy cat and dog person) closely followed by the stone bridge. Look after your tootsies x

  9. So glad you've recovered and are feeling back to yourself. 93 miles! That is formidable. I'm certain I couldn't keep up with you!

  10. Gee, the villages are beautiful. Wish we had places like that here!

  11. Your room looks very comfy, rest well and enjoy the evening. Did you get an energy drink to carry with you? Coconut water is also very good. England has such lovely little towns and villages. I can now understand why so many of our towns here in New England are named for them. The original settlers must have been homesick.

    Gail in NH

  12. The cottage flowers are stunning! I'm glad you took us to such a lovely place.Thanks!!
    Jane x

  13. enjoying your blog, glad you are feeling better.


  14. 93 miles! Flippin eck. Well done. Bedale looks beautiful, I have never been. Glad you got a posh B&B, it makes a big difference when you are tired. Debbie

  15. Lovely room for the night. I'm really enjoying the trip with you thru your pictures!

  16. I have enjoyed your travels. great photos!

  17. Maybe your body is telling you now is the time to cut down a little on the distance and make time to go on trips, such as the train journey. After all you have earned these treats. A balance is needed, although I expect you will tell me off for saying so ha!ha!. Glad you are feeling brighter today and a big thankyou for giving us armchair travellers these lovely photos and tour guides

    Take care of yourself annie

  18. Danneke here , the B/B looks comfy for you . You are walking thro some lovely countryside. and Hawes is a smashing place especially on market day. So pleased you decided to take it easier and have some rest. I just knew you would fall for that little dog,

  19. Of course the ultimate question is whether you have bought the legendary Puddytat with you?!

  20. Lovely pictures! Good to read that you have been taking more care today. That bed looks comfy. Have a nice rest.


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