Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Day 6. Leyburn to Hawes.

A bit late tonight, the photo's have taken ages to load, signal intermittent. I'll add a few words, but I should be going to bed. I'm at the Youth Hostel in Hawes, so a cheap night tonight, only £21.50 for B & B, and I have a room to myself as it's very quiet. I picked up some food from the Spar shop and had pasta for dinner, 
This morning I left Leyburn after a lovely breakfast, Sean and Heather really do pull out all the stops when it comes to looking after their guests. I can highly recommend their lovely B & B for an overnight stop, or as a base for exploring the Dales. Leyburn is the main market town of Wensleydale, and they are ideally placed to use as a base for exploring the area. No I'm not getting paid for this glowing report, they go the extra mile and credit where credit's due.  Click here for their web site.
A few pics of Leyburn before I get on my way. The market square. It's a car park when no market is on. 
This is an ironmongers and general store. No fancy shop front, just trolley loads of stock on the pavement, and lists of what they sell on the signs by the door as you go in. 

Leaving Leyburn on a footpath to Wensley village. This is a pretty village. 

After Wensley I picked up the River Ure, and walked alongside it for a couple of hours. It was lovely weather, sunshine, and pleasant walking through lots of fields full of sheep. Some of the time the path went right down onto the river bank and through woods. 

Unusual to see red tulips in a woodland setting. 

There is a view towards Castle Bolton in the distance. 
Just checking where I am, nice to see I am where I thought I was. These signs are a good help.
Another field of sheep, the tractor arrived and they all went running towards it. Dinner time everyone. 
Now I am quite high up looking down on the river. Lovely views. 

I came off the river, and took a wrong turn, and found this AA box. You don't see many of these nowadays. 
Realized my mistake and got back to the river. Now I am coming to Aysgarth Falls. 

These waterfalls are lovely. 
I emerged from a wood to find a big church on a hill in front of me. It looks pretty spectacular in the flesh. There was a handy bench in the sun for me to rest a while and have a bit to eat. Also the door was unlocked so I went inside for a few minutes. 

From Aysgarth village I went on to Bainbridge. There are yellow bicycles everywhere. This is in preparation for the Tour de France coming here in July. Looks like they are getting into the spirit of things. 
Another country pub. There seems to be some who are surviving, I've seen quite a lot of them scattered around the villages, they aren't all closing down in Yorkshire.  
From Bainbridge I walked along the road to Hawes as it was the most direct route. 16.83 miles today. My feet are not so sore now, the blisters have almost gone, and I feel pretty fit and back to normal. Tomorrow I'm heading for Kirkby Stephen. Not sure which route to take yet, I have to study the map. Must go and do that now, then to bed. Goodnight. Please excuse any mistakes, I am too tired to check it.


  1. Another day with lovely views and gorgeous cottage flowers. Night night.
    Jane x

  2. From Margie in Toronto - more amazing photos - I think this is your loveliest walk yet Ilona - just beautiful scenery. And you seem to be getting wonderful weather as well so I hope it stays that way for your next few days.

  3. Well done Ilona!
    What a beautiful day, just loved all those waterfalls, thank you for taking the pictures and loading them tonight. I know you must be tired.
    Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow. Glad you are feeling better.
    Pam in TX.xx

  4. I so enjoy reading about your walks. Thank you.

  5. Lovely photos! Thanks for taking us along on your walk.Glad you are taking it "easier"!

  6. I've never even seen an AA box before, I wonder who keeps it in such good nick?

  7. Mary in Perth Australia7 May 2014 at 07:52

    Oh, that's made my day, seeing the AA box (and the lovely red mail box too). What a sooky ex-pat I am.
    You are in a lovely part of the world. Good on you for mentioning how good you find the places you stay. I shall make a note in case I get the chance to re-visit that part of the world. Have you had any rain? I don't' think you've mentioned any so far.
    Glad your blisters are healing up. That must make all the difference. Safe travelling today.

  8. Wonderful photos, Ilona. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Granny G

  9. Oh gosh what a picturesque trail youve followed, lovely to take so mnay pics too, both for us to watch along the way with you, but also for you to look back on.
    Wonder if the tulips had been planted in honour of someone?
    Maybe it was a lovers tryst in days long now gone!
    I take it there were no foundations of a former house there for it to have once been a garden then.
    That RAC box must surely be a collectors piece! Im surprised some blagger hasnt half inched it to sell to the US as quaint old english!
    Im in awe of you achievements and very envious of you! My puff runs out fast these days well before my enthusiasm ( angina) so Im like a stalker in absentia lol watching you from not that far away! ( Hull)

  10. looks a nice area

  11. Gorgeous scenery! I felt like I was along on your walk. I'm from America so don't know....what is an AA box? Lori

  12. Lovely pics again. Good luck with the weather tomorrow.

  13. *waving* Rest well! Thank you again for the wonderful views into your walks. That church is beautiful.

  14. Great to see pictures from Leyburn and Aysgarth Falls, it really is a lovely area. Sounds like you enjoyed the walk beside the river, it all looks very picturesque. Good luck with the rest of your trip. Sarah

  15. Thats a beautiful part of the world. I like the villages with their market squares and the local independant shops. I need to get my car running so i can get a few days out in the Dales.
    I saw an RAC box and an AA box on my way to Hams Hall last night, i don't know weather they are still in use now but years ago i 'obtained' a key which was useful because there used to be a payphone inside them, very useful in the days before mobile phones.
    I'm enjoying the walk, take care.


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