Thursday, 17 July 2014

Charity shop bargains

Good morning. A quickie post today, a lovely sunny day and I want to go to town. I mentioned that we browsed the charity shops in Driffield on Tuesday, this is what I bought. I haven't been wearing slippers ever since the last ones dropped to bits and were no longer repairable, but I came across this pair and snapped them up for the winter. They are size 7 mens slippers, too big for my size 5 feet, but with a pair of thick socks they fit snugly. I love the way they come almost up to my ankles, more like bootees than slippers.  
They look brand new, or hardly worn, the soles are clean and show no signs of wear.

The velcro fastening make them easy to slip in and out of, and fully enclose my foot for maximum warmth. A snip at £3.

It was the colour of this tablecloth that caught my eye, a pretty pale lilac with a sheen to it. It's a massive circular cloth, perfect condition, for only £2. Good for a sewing project I think.

And the third item is a lightweight scarf. I like the soft pastel colours, and it can be worn as an accessory rather than something to keep my neck warm. Had to have it at £1.

The Dove Hospice shop in Driffield has some lovely things in it, a big shop, well laid out, no squashing between railings crammed full of clothes. I'm chuffed with my bargains.

Thanks for the interesting comments yesterday, and welcome to the new readers. I'm off out now. Toodle pip.


  1. Love the scarf. What a bargain! Debbie

  2. Awesome finds! those slippers look nice and toasty, I wouldn't have known that they are Men's-the color makes them feminine, and the style is unisex. Love upcycling items and look forward to see what the tablecloth becomes

  3. Amazing bargains! I never seem to drop lucky and often if I see something I like, it's too expensive. I live in a tourist area and think charity shops put up the prices in the summer. Can't blame them but hope they don't forget their year-round shoppers in the winter!

    I love the inspirational ideas for food, crafting and trips on your blog. Long may you continue! Vicki

  4. Such pretty colors, and those slippers are amazing! Good job shopping.... love those resale shops!

  5. Hi Ilona, Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed reading your recent posts. The ones on health and your electricity were so interesting and your trip up North was great. The visit to Driffield was so good with all the lovely photos. There is always something interesting to read everyday. Enjoy your pretty slippers!
    Wendy (Wales)

  6. What a good find, those sort of slippers are pretty expensive new, my Mum bought my Dad some similar ones, only his weren't girly pink like yours ;-)

    You'll have lovely cosy feet for Winter now.

  7. Looks like some good acquisitions at good prices. Charity shops around here in the Surrey Hills have become prohibitively expensive and I can quite understand why some people would choose to buy new at Primark.

  8. Great bargains I Love that tablecloth. x

  9. Good bargains! My friend tells me everything is a pound in my local Sue Ryder shop at the moment and she got some beautiful things, but I can't get in to town until Saturday. I hope there is something left!!


  10. Great bargains! Look forward to seeing what the tablecloth becomes.


  11. The charity shop items were a very good buy and money well spent.The scarf is very pretty and will add a vibrance to your wardrobe.I was glad to see you found slippers that will get you through the winter comfortably and what a bargain! The cloth is a lovely colour and useful as fabric for a project as said or to dress up a table as is.Are you going to do without central heating this winter?I thought of you and shared your story with my son when we had a three day power outage here on one of the coldest weeks of last winter.The house was so cold that the glass insert on our fireplace exploded from lighting a fire too quickly and not letting it warm up slowly.I cooked over the fire and we layered our clothing and were fine.After reading your entries from last Sunday to today I really liked the house visit photos and info and the discussions on healthy happy living and frugality re:the electric bills.Ours is undeniably huge for two people with our energy star rated appliances.I do cut costs by unplugging things too, wash dishes by hand mostly, and air dry clothes.Because of a chronic health issue I use hot water baths to manage pain as a therapy.That;s why the bill is so high.Hmmm.I do not take meds though and that saves money too.So damned if you do or if you don't.Ah, but walking is free.Free courses online are a good thing but also I think it does a person good to physically leave the home environment and virtual world and enter a classroom, meet new people and instructors and connect socially.Just saying.Thank you for sharing every day,it is a joy to read, and you always make me smile.Bye the way,our house is sold and we can move forward now on our new debt free adventure.Regards, and very long-winded,sorry,Destemona.