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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Big shop - little money

Wow, the shopping was brilliant tonight. Lucky I was there at the right time, lucky that it was late and no one else was around so I didn't have to fight for it. The fruit and veg lady dun me proud. I'll let the stickers speak for themselves. 

Six packs of super food beetroot, going to be scoffing those.

Six packs of diced onions. Going to be making soup and stews with those, for the freezer. I've got a bean stew pack to go with these. Already got some carrots. 
Starting to buy potatoes again, now mine are finished.

Plenty of salad items, love potato salad. Won't be having cooked meals for a while. There's also pasta salad and cous cous.

Nearly everything had a yellow sticker, apart from cat food, olive oil, wine, and tuna for the cats. Total was £17.25, the non sticker items were £14. So, £3.25 for two weeks worth of food. It is widely said that supermarkets waste a lot of food, maybe some do, but my Tesco store sells it off for 1p rather than chuck it. Thank you Tesco.
I am a happy bunny tonight. Toodle pip.


  1. Just to thank you once again for sharing your yellow sticker deals (and recipes). Today I had roughly 4 pounds of fresh broccoli that had to be dealt with. I cook for six adults (my family and our elderly neighbors). Using my food processor, I diced up 5 broccoli crowns and the stems from 4 large crowns. I coated the bottom of a large vintage pot with olive oil--about 1/4 cup--and added the diced broccoli bits, plus 3 cups vegetable broth and 2 cups potato water; brought it all to a boil and simmered for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, using my microwave, I blanched the remaining broccoli florets, cooled and bagged them for the freezer. Because I have some sour cream, eggs and milk in my fridge, along with homemade bread crumbs in my freezer, I can divide the cooked, diced broccoli. Some will become creamed broccoli soup, and some will become quiche with a cheesy topping. I use scant cheese for my quiche to stretch the $$.

  2. Loved the"random acts of kindness" video-such a good feeling after seeing it.Thank you.I must admit I'm wowed by the content and condition of your bargains today, Ilona.Lots of nutritious, delicious stuff there to enjoy.Your late night shopping certainly has fantastic results.Take care, regards, Destemona

  3. Almost unbelievable but you did it!

  4. I think my local supermarket would toss items rather than sell them that cheaply which is a real waste.

  5. Wow! I have cheap olive envy!!! x

  6. Well done, I have never seen things that cheap.

  7. Now those are excellent fresh bargains, what a great variety you managed to get. Wish they would mark our grapes down the cheapest are $6.99 and apple's at the moment nothing under $7 a kilo although I did find 8 mini pizza bases for 75c which will go in freezer for cheap meal another day.

  8. 'Big shop - little money' is my favourite way to shop. You did so well there, all those 1p items .... you can't even get a penny chew with 1p any more and you got real food. Well done.

    I think it's a time of year when they are struggling to get their daily ordering right. They want to be fully stocked in case they have a rush of early Christmas food shoppers but some days they just don't get enough big spenders through the doors. I got a load of meat products last week, but none were reduced as much as your shopping was, but like you I had the reduced counter to myself.

  9. That must be one of your best shops ever! Much better to sell them off cheaply and have the food used, which it definitely will be in your case!

    As a matter of interest how late was 'late'?

    Linda xx

  10. Brill bargains Ilona, I love beetroot and would happily sit and scoff a packet in one sitting :)

  11. Crikey, we never get bargains like that here. A big cheer for your local Tesco, they deserve it. Well done you :)


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