Sunday, 5 July 2015

Shopping, repairing, recycling, and other stuff

Hello. Did you know that the pooch has got into recycling as well. We were coming back from visiting a friend, and found some people taking stuff out of their full to bursting garage, and chucking it into their car. An opportunity to have a nosey, and maybe rescue a few things from the council dump. They allowed me to look through it. As usual there was stuff that could be used again so I loaded up the buggy. I couldn't turf Rocky out because it was too far for him to walk home, so he had to share the space, ha ha. 
My friend had a shopping bag that has seen better days, he rang me to ask if I had any shopping bags left from the sale. Sorry but no, they were all sold. I asked him if the bag could be repaired, he said, hang on a minute, I'll get it out of the bin. I went round and picked it up. Chucked in the bin indeed. No.

Yes, it can be repaired. I cut four pieces of hessian type fabric with a tighter weave than the bag, turned a hem under all round, and machined them on outside and inside. Jobs a good one, the bag will last another year. I could start up a bag repair business  ;o)

My mini chopper is used daily now to prepare my morning cereal topper. Such a handy gadget. Other makes are available  ;o)

An assortment of nuts, seeds and fruit...
all stored in my dry goods cupboard with the pasta, rice, noodles, and spices.

Yesterday I finally got round to defrosting the fridge, a job which was well overdue. Almost everything was eaten except a few items which went into the cool box while I was waiting for the ice to melt. A good scrub out and it's all clean and ready to start again. 
Last night was the Tesco yellow sticker dash, I got there about 7pm. I managed to find these four tins marked at half price due to them being dented. They don't usually have much of interest on the damaged goods section, but it's always worth a look. Two tins of peach slices, a tin of mandarins and one of chopped tomatoes.

The man brought a trolley out of the warehouse, everything already marked up, or should I say marked down. It was the last reduction of the day, so 90% off. There was about half a dozen people waiting but there was enough for everybody. Two small cauliflowers 10p each.

I've given up with the broad beans in the garden, they have been decimated by the slugs. Not to worry, I am happy to pay 20p. Who in their right mind would pay £2 for a bag of mainly pods, when you can get a large bag of frozen beans for £1.

Fridge is all stocked up again. Looking good. 

My lunch yesterday, I already had these items in before I went shopping. 
Lunch today. chargrilled mushroom pasta, salad, and gaucamole. very nice, followed by fresh mango and melon slices.

So, do you want a breakdown of my shopping list.
Whole Galia melon 69p
Sweet potatoes £1.50
Bag carrots 60p
Loose bananas (6) 56p
Cat food £1.88
Small milk 45p
Frozen mixed veg £1
Frozen sweetcorn 99p
Frozen peas 89p
Frozen broad beans £1
Frozen veg sausages £1
Frozen veg mix 50p
Frozen macaroni cheese £1
6 small yougurts £1
Large plain yogurt 45p
Vitalite spread £1
Large seeded loaf £1
2 packs cream crackers 54p
Cooked chicken £1
Cherries £1
The rest are reduced
2 packs brussel sprouts 15p each
2 bunches salad onions 10p each
4 packs mixed prepared veg 48p total
2 cauliflowers 10p each
1 pack prepared fruit 20p
4 dented tins 75p total
Mushroom pasta 20p
2 pots guacamole 16p each
5 bags assorted salads 61p total
Broad beans 20p
Total £21.43

That will last a while. I managed to steer clear of any sweet treats. Luckily there were no reduced donuts, ha ha. I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times, picked up some snack bars when I have been in town, and my size 8 trousers are getting a bit tight around my waist. Can't have that. My will power is running at full throttle now. A little voice in my head screams at me, NO NO BLOODY NO, YOU DON'T NEED IT, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT. OK boss, ha ha.

Hope you are having a good Sunday. I'm off outside, the sun is shining.
Toodle pip


  1. Wonderful repair on the beige bag! Hate tht most * will simply chuck something out and then seek to spend $ to replace it.

  2. Your fridge looks at bursting point. Good job on the bag repair. Natalie

  3. Your fridge is certainly well stocked now, your food always looks really nice, how old is Rocky?

    1. Hello AKOE. I can't be sure exactly, he's about 14.

  4. Your fridge looks well stocked. Mine was run down today, and a veg medley finished the last bits lurking in the crisper tray. I don`t want to leave anything perishable in there as we are off to sunny Bulgaria tomorrow morning.
    I`m amazed by the bargains you manage to get in your Tesco. I never find such reductions here where I live.

    1. I hope you have a lovely holiday, Sarina. See you when you get back. With lots of pictures I hope.

  5. I seem to have lost my 'inner voice' - You couldn't pop over to Western Australia and follow me round the supermarket shouting, at the top of your voice, NO NO BLOODY NO, YOU DEFINITELY DON"T NEED IT, PUT THOSE SWEET TREATS BACK! :-)



    1. Ha ha, you made me laugh. I walk around with those words in my head. Look at something and say, NOPE DON'T NEED IT.

  6. You made me laugh today. We used to peruse the yellow sticker section and say '...if only you can survive on pies and donuts'. These were guaranteed to be heavily reduced. Ok for an occasional treat but not for actually nourishing the body. Your fridge looks amazing and your meals look so healthy. I can just imagine you telling your friend off for chucking that bag in the bin. Haha. I have an old wicker picnic basket that has really seen better days. I almost 'chucked it' then decided I will give it a lick of paint, line it with plastic and put some plants in there. Hopefully it will be of some use for a little longer. It feels good to get a bit more out of my things. Debbie.

    1. Hi Debs, What a good idea for the wicker basket. It's amazing what you can do with a lick of paint. I must remember that top tip. Thanks.

      I love your thinking, 'get a bit more out of things'. I wish everyone would do that.

  7. I love seeing pics of Rocky...always thank you for giving that boy the love and life he deserves...mending is such a fulfilling activity...saving something from the rag bag is a simple joy!

  8. Great bargains, especially the items you saved from the dump. Loved the bag repair.

  9. I love that you use clothes pegs to close your bags! I do that.

  10. Hello,bargain hunter extraordinaire!It looks like rocky is SO enjoying life with you.Sentimental I know, but it gets me all ferklempt(sp?)Such a lovely boy,he is.Great deals on the food and so very healthy too.Good for you having the willpower to say no to treats.My temptations are not sweets but salty ,fat laden crunchy snacks.Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.Big sigh.Are you all still in a heatwave there?If so,hope it ends soon.Warmest regards, D.

    1. Hi Des, I have terrible urges to scoff potato crisps, especially cheese and onion flavour, takes a lot of willpower to pass them by.

      It hasn't been quite so hot these last few days. We are getting some very heavy downpours which cools things down a bit. Best wishes, Ilona

  11. you have reminded me my fridge needs a good clean out.

  12. Nice repair work on the bag. I never see price reductions like you find here in the US. I do sometimes find marked down baked goods and but usually only about 25% off. Love how you use clothespins for bag clips...great idea.

  13. Hi Ilona! I've been reading your blog for a while now but have never posted til now. I find you very inspiring .... you stick with what works for you and you save lots of money in the process while living what appears to be a happy, active and productive life. good for you :) I'm still learning to live in moderation with regards to shopping and eating but I'm doing a lot better than I once did in that regard .... still have a bit of weight to lose but I'm decluttering my house and my life and I am learning to be happy with the blessings that I do have (which are many). Last night, I got to sit with my first grandchild and watch her little face as we celebrated 4th of July fireworks here in the USA. Priceless. Have a great week, friend.

    1. Hello Anon. I'm pleased to meet you. If you include a name at the end of your comment, I will know what to call you. Just a first name will do, or a pen name is fine.

      Less is definitely more. I am constantly passing on stuff I don't need. I collect a bit, then move on stuff when I have finished with it. As regards eating, I eat when I am hungry, and stop when I am full. I eat to fuel my body, mainly, with a treat sometimes. I like a Magnum ice cream now and again, or a can of cider once in a while.

      I have been looking at the pictures of our little Princess Charlotte, and her brother George, the innocence of small children melts the heart. Enjoy your grandchild while you can.
      Best wishes. Ilona

  14. It's nice to see a truly healthy looking fridge, and well done on being so self controlled. It's always SO tempting isn't it when they have those big bags of 10 donuts for just 10p. I usually manage to resist ... thank goodness Lol :-)

  15. You inspired me today, I spent the morning cleaning out my fridge freezer and thawing out about 3" of ice from the freezer, I hardly had room for any food! I've made lots of space now for healthy food. I need to get that voice in my head, will power non existent lately, trousers getting tighter again! I need to give myself a good talking to

    1. Well done Jayne. I bet you feel a whole lot better now that boring job is ticked off the list.

  16. Your refrigerator looks sparkly clean and now full of super bargain veggies and other foods. Well done, and nice fix on that shopping bag.