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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Spice it up a bit

Hello. Jo sent me an email, I'll answer it here in case anyone else is interested. 
Hello Ilona. I wonder if you could advise me on which spices you use to liven up your dishes. I don't like hot spices and have been experimenting with a little turmeric, it's supposed to be good for joint pain. I presume that you don't use salt? I use pepper as I've been told that it helps to make the turmeric work better. Do you combine herbs in your recipes too? Many thanks for your tips on healthy eating on a budget. I haven't eaten meat for many years.
Hello Jo, My knowledge of spices is very limited, there is no point in me keeping lots in the cupboards, they would never get used. I have no rules on which spices go with which foods, basically I mix them all up, use two or three in one meal. I don't add salt at all in my cooking, or on my food. I can buy these sauce mixes for 10 and 20p. I use them sparingly, adding a teaspoonful to soups and stews for a bit of flavour.
All these are out of date, I buy the vegetable granules from the Cash and Carry, I'm stocked up with those, it is like veg stock cubes only in powder form. The others I've had for ages and keep using them.

I get these from the Asian shop and use them the most. Curry powder, Turmeric, Coriander and Cumin. There is one missing, I've just finished the garlic powder, need to get some more.

Corn relish goes in soups and stews, and the wholegrain mustard also. Cheap from the Cash and Carry. Soft cheese makes nice sauce, 49p from Tesco or Aldi.

Tonight I had YS mushrooms, need to use them up, still some left. Quorn fillet cut into pieces, frozen sweetcorn, and Amoy noodles. Vegetable granules, mustard, and garlic powder added. Very nice but too much, very filling. I have some left for tomorrow.

Thank you for your question Jo. Sorry I can't point you in the right direction on which spices you should be buying, most of my cooking is experimental, I chuck anything in and see what happens.

Thanks very much for popping in. It's been raining here, so I've been able to get on with the sewing.
We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. Hello, Ilona. I know you don't add salt to your food but when you use granules or flavor cubes or yeast extract, it's in there nevertheless, right? In cubes, whether beef, chicken, veg, etc., and granules, salt is generally the second ingredient. For those watching their sodium, this is important label-reading. As always, stay well and happy, m'dear. Elaine near Philadelphia.

  2. There are many wonderful spices that can add a bit of flavor to foods without adding much salt. But have to admit, I can't eat an egg without some salt.

  3. I have discovered Harrissa powder and add a bit to many things. I find it gives a spicy taste without to much heat. At the moment I add a teaspoon to a jar of h/m chutney to give it umpf but also add it to many other things. Cheers Su


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