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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fussy eaters

Hi. S'funny that cats can be so fussy about what they eat, but when it comes to curiosity, they will also consider my food. Ok, Mayze, you can have a piece of pizza. 
She licked the topping and left the crust, which was then thrown out for the birds.

Catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. We had a cat who would eat cucumber , and now one of the dogs likes banana bizarre isn't it x

  2. I'd rather have the crust and leave the toppings. ha.
    We had a Great Dane who loved table food. One Thanksgiving we made him a plate with everything on...He gobbled everything but the cranberry sauce. He licked the cranberry sauce clean but left it on the plate. A dog after my own heart...I don't like cranberry sauce. :)

  3. My cat eats olives. Never had a cat that would eat that before.

  4. My cat Gomez eats the pizza topping too lol x


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