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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Please take a seat

Hello. I found these chairs in a skip last week, people moving house, they didn't want them. One of the seat cushions had a split in it. No bother, stick a piece of black tape over it, then cover them both. Polish the chrome, and they look like new. 
The fabric was a dress that my friend gave me. I tried it on but it didn't suit me. It's ideal for jobs like this, it's stretchy so it fits the seats perfectly.

Remove seats, cut a circle bigger than the seat. hem it all the way around and thread elastic through it. Screw seats back on. Will find a new home for them.

I went to the 20 21 Arts Centre today, they have a new exhibition, some amazing sculptures made entirely of felt. I'll post some picture next week.

Off to do my walk now. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. The seats look quite at home where they are. Very stylish transformation.

  2. Those seats look fab

  3. Phew, you are a whiz kid Ilona, brilliant job.

  4. Nice transformation of your recycled finds.

  5. The fabric pattern really fits the styles of the chairs. Great transformation.

  6. Brilliant creativity your chairs. Cheers Jo

  7. these look fantastic . well done Ilona

  8. Wow, they look great, very mid-century modern. They match with your kitchen cabinet handles, I think you should keep them.

  9. Brilliant! Yes I think you should keep them too. SueM

  10. Thank you for the suggestions that I should keep them, trouble is that I don't have a breakfast bar, or any other bar, and I have no high worktops where they would be useful. I eat in the living room at the table or the computer desk and have already got two office chairs for that purpose. I will find a home for them, needs to be local so they don't have to be shipped. I don't do Freecycle or Freegle

  11. There is no doubt about you girl, you are amazing! They look fantastic.

  12. They look great. A true example of upcycling. Lots of people could learn from this.


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