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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Blinging fun.

Hello, just popping in. I added some sequins to the plastic flowers I made. Some have knitting needles for stalks, and some have broken umbrella parts. That hot glue gun is sure becoming very handy. These will look lovely in the pots. Think I'll make some more. 
Steamed veg for dinner tonight, now I need to go and walk it off. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Lovely, cheerful flowers, brilliant. You made a comment a few posts back about being busy you spent less money; how I agree, with plenty of weeding to do in the garden (after all that rain), if it gets too hot I'm coming indoors and ruthlessly de-cluttering cupboards of unwanted clothes, ceramics etc to pass on to appropriate people. I am also scanning my kitchen and pantry and re-organising so that I don't get stuff left at the back of the shelves decaying and forgotten. I did find a bag of raisins bought in 2013; perfectly fine so that's added to the breakfast cereal. So, all this is helping me to be more aware of what is in the home and not be tempted to go out and spend.

    1. Ive noticed this as well Amanda!.By keeping busy in the garden this last week...and sitting in the sun repairing some favourite dresses where hems were coming down...Ive only spent £I.12p in the last 10 days and that was on some fresh tomatoes and salad leaves.We have got enough food left for the next few days for us all,so I will maybe go food shopping on Saturday.And we do eat really well and healthy!I had another ...small clear out of my garage yesterday,lol..but did manage to find 5 more books and some childrens clothes for the charity shop.xx

  2. I know you have been collecting coloured plastic for a long time, but goodness me, your supply seems endless ! I've said it before and will say it again, I only ever have coloured bottle tops and green veggie gravy granules lids. I think it's breeding in your garage! :-) So far I can only manage leaves and a flower centre ! :-) Yours are looking good.

  3. When you have your Open Garden you could sell these? They are lovely.

  4. Waaauwie, like the flowers, sure would buy some :)

  5. So cheerful looking. The weed won’t bother them:)


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