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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Making garden decorations

Hello. I'm counting down, ten days to the Open Gardens, and I must have my garden ready. Looking good so far, but still more to do. I made a video this morning, takes twenty minutes to set it up, ten minutes to film, then upload to yoootooob. A quick way to compose a quick blog post. Coffee break after lunch, I won't rabbit on, I've got to get back to what I'm doing, so I'll leave it with you.

It's not perfect, have a laugh.

We'll catch up later.
Toodle pip


  1. It always makes Tom smile when he hears the introduction 'Hello Mean Queen Here'. Of course he knows immediately who it is. lol
    Looking forward to seeing the garden all set up its going to dazzle everyone. lol

  2. Oh,I so love your videos Ilona! And you make it look so easy! Thing is in my house Ive only got the basic amount of knives,forks and spoons,expensive thicker ones that Ive had for years.Even if I had got to many of them,they still wouldnt bend!ive still got some of my Grans,but when i looked,they were thicker and wouldnt bend!Over the years,I bought some from the pound shop,just as spares.Now they would break while you was eating your dinner,lol...So Ive got to find a mid range,so Im going to ask around my Family to see if they have any odd ones they dont want!Im thinking of hiring a helicopter,supplying the paying customers with sunglasses to do pleasure flights over your garden on the day of the open if you see one flying low...with 2 blonde girls at the will be me and Flis making a bit of money,lol.Your garden should win it easy!!xx


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