Saturday, 7 July 2018

Chink chink chink

Hello. Jacky asked do I want these bottle tops, she has been collecting them for a while to make wind chimes, but hasn't got time. OK says I. 
The first one is finished. Five rows of eight caps = 40, and they chink very nicely in the wind. 
They are hanging from a metal circle cut from a baked bean can, wire from a broken set of Christmas tree lights is attached to hang it anywhere in the garden.

I used a hammer and sharp nail to make two holes in each cap. This needs to be done on a rough old piece of wood so the nail doesn't pierce a table top or bench.

They are joined together with plastic coated plant rings from Wilko, a pack of 100 for £1. I cut each one in half with pliers, and squeezed the ends together inside the tops.

I think it would take a long time to save enough tops, if you want to make one perhaps a good idea to ask at a pub to save them for you. I still have loads left so I will make some more of these, or maybe I will think of something else. I will give this one to Jacky for her garden.

I hope England wins the match today, I won't be watching as I'm not a footie fan. It's going to be hot hot hot. There is talk of hosepipe bans coming in because rivers are running dry and reservoir levels are going down. I hope most people are being sensible and not wasting water. If it goes on much longer I can see panic buying of bottled water. Lots of brown grass everywhere, my lawns are still mainly green because there are more weeds than grass, ha ha. Nice that I don't have to cut it, but I am walking up and down with cans of water for the pots and flower beds.

I'm off, there's washing to get out of the machine and hang out, and strawberries and pasta to freeze. so I'll get myself off into the kitchen for an hour. Thanks for popping in, have a nice weekend, we'l catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Love your blog. Just had an iplayer nudge for a programme called Lorry Ladies. Thought you might want a heads up. Have a lovely warm weekend x

  2. They are nice..Have a lovely weekend ilona, and a good one about the water...

  3. We saved bottlecaps as kids and then tacked them rough side up to a door mat size board. This was placed by the entry for us to wipe/scrape off our boots before going inside. When it got caked with mud/dirt just sprayed it with the water hose. Useful but not as pretty as your windchime. Really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it every day.

  4. When I moved house last year, one of the things I didn't miss was the discordant clanking of my neighbour's numerous windchimes when I was trying to sleep. I hope yours sound as pretty as they look!

    1. They do. Mine don't clank they make a gentle tinkle noise. Much nicer than the kids playing two doors down.

    2. I really like windchimes. I have bamboo ones that make a deeper sound, and metal ones which make a lovely musical and tinkling sound. Those are bought ones. Myself, I make ones with sea shells, the sound varies according to the type of shell used. Oh, and I have no near neighbours. :-)

  5. I love your chimes - very clever!

  6. Great project Ilona, love the design & recycling bottle caps, will last well especially in all weathers (I've seen tutorials for paper windchimes but they wouldn't last long especially when rains!)

  7. What a brilliant idea for what generally get throw away with the rubbish

  8. Our hot summers of 40+ celsius really get to me. I can't walk or do anything in the heat. We lived for years on water restrictions and got used to the dry grass. Your comment about the weeds reminded me that having cover over the soil is really got as it keeps the moisture in. You will find all your frugal water ideas will be very valuable now and if water is running low in the reservoirs people will really have to think twice about how they use their water. Our winter has been very dry and that will likely mean a dry summer. Praying for rain.


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